Locked out, but damned sexy.

I got myself blocked from my own website somehow – I couldn’t possibly explain how (because I don’t know), but thanks to Brandon, who is a gentleman-and-a-scholar, and keeps this site and many others up and running for vastly inadequate pay, I’m back in and can resume inaction voluntarily, rather than enforced inaction.

So there’s that.

Meanwhile, there’s this: you know you want some.

Shot in Mexico – Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

new toy

New Toy

I just picked up a new camera and wanted to try a similar self-portrait to this one.

I’m still getting to know this camera – it still feels like I’m fighting it. But once I get out and shoot something other than test shots of myself and the bird, that should change quickly.

I’m waffling about keeping my Lumix. It’s a great camera, and very very portable. And I have some amazing legacy lenses for it. On the other hand, I’ve reached some of it’s limits (particularly with low light, which is a problem because my absolutely favorite shooting is all available-light work, so I need the best possible high-ISO performance).

So we’ll see how this all plays out.