Are You Blueish?

I’m kind of a sucker for self-portraits.

I even love those cheesy sexy-teen-girl-self-shooting-in-filthy-bathroom-mirror ones; the more awkward, the better.

Here’s an experiment with odd available lighting; a blue compact florescent ‘party bulb’ i had laying around since Xmas. I had the thing in a 6 foot tall brass torchiere lamp, so I wound up holding the light in one hand and working the the camera in the other. Awkward, particularly since it’s a manual (very very manual) lens.

Focus isn’t all I desired but what the hell, I look like some blue satanic lord or something – about to sacrifice several virgins, willing or unwilling (I prefer unwilling, if it’s all the same to you).


Kinda Blue

Camera: Lumix dcm-g2
Lens: slr magic ‘toy’ lens (26mm, �1.4)
Light: Blue Party Bulb