Skull Ring updates

A couple of quick Skull Ring notes.

First, Tony Creed has a new site that looks pretty slick. Go visit him at!

I love Tony’s stuff; my first skull ring was my ELVIS LIVES ‘riffman’. Tony’s still the original badass in the industry and his stuff is stil as cave-man-biker as ever.

Second,another favorite designer, MT Maloney, has just released this brillian, HUGE ring: the JUPITER:


MT’s awesome, and this is really a statement piece. He won’t even be offering this in small sizes; you need Big Old Man Hands to wear it.

I want it.

Rabbit in the Moon

“The Rabbit in the Moon” – a pendant made by my father. I just found this one while cleaning up my office. I still need to polish it up, but here it is as I found it.

Dad made a lot of things like this; it’s one of the things I miss about him; his abstract logician’s mind turned concrete in silver.

He made these out of old silver coins (a 1940’s Australian florin in this case). He said he learned the skill in the army; he was in the south pacific in WWII, and spent long, tedious hours on troop ships. Jewelry was one of the ways he passed the time, sitting on deck to catch cooling breezes, working with small hand drills and files to shape bits of silver coin (in the days when coins were still made of silver).

The image is of the Rabbit, pushing a wheelbarrow down a hill; my father used to say the wheelbarrow contains “books with pale blue covers, about the goodness of life”.

Miss you, Dad.


MT Maloney new website

My buddy MT Maloney just updated his web site.


He’s done a fine job – looks great, easy to navigate, and best of all NO FUCKING FLASH!

Go check it out:

Buy something from him. His work is original, creative, and completely cool. His ‘little voodoo‘ is one of my favorite skull rings, one of the few I wear every single day. I’m also completely in love his his Max Fleischer-inspired ‘mystery cave‘ ring.

Also check out his ‘from the workbench‘ blog, which is awesome.

Skulls and one spade

The Whole Collection

The full collection, so far.

Top row, left to right: MT Maloney, Sinners Inc (the one they named after me, the ‘Elvis’ skull), and $eri0s silver (a company that was ripping people off last I heard, so I don’t link to ’em anymore).

Second row: Ruby Crush, Dave’s Customs, Ruby Crush, Deadringers

Third row: Ruby Crush, Courts and Hackett, Sinners Inc

Bottom Row: Sinners Inc (the spade), MT Maloney, the one and only Tony Creed, Deadringers, Ruby Crush.