Skull Ring updates

A couple of quick Skull Ring notes.

First, Tony Creed has a new site that looks pretty slick. Go visit him at!

I love Tony’s stuff; my first skull ring was my ELVIS LIVES ‘riffman’. Tony’s still the original badass in the industry and his stuff is stil as cave-man-biker as ever.

Second,another favorite designer, MT Maloney, has just released this brillian, HUGE ring: the JUPITER:


MT’s awesome, and this is really a statement piece. He won’t even be offering this in small sizes; you need Big Old Man Hands to wear it.

I want it.

3 thoughts on “Skull Ring updates”

  1. David and Bill at COURTS and HACKETT have just released a wonderful new ring called THE REPTILE , and it carry’s on there tradition of detail , and master craftsmanship , and is reminiscent to there serpent bracelet from years ago . Anyone interested should check out there website at : for more details , and photos .

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