Skulls and one spade

The Whole Collection

The full collection, so far.

Top row, left to right: MT Maloney, Sinners Inc (the one they named after me, the ‘Elvis’ skull), and $eri0s silver (a company that was ripping people off last I heard, so I don’t link to ’em anymore).

Second row: Ruby Crush, Dave’s Customs, Ruby Crush, Deadringers

Third row: Ruby Crush, Courts and Hackett, Sinners Inc

Bottom Row: Sinners Inc (the spade), MT Maloney, the one and only Tony Creed, Deadringers, Ruby Crush.

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  1. It’s such a pain trying to photograph jewelry without the right lighting gear. I probably took a hundred to get one barely passable shot.

  2. That’s impressive. Really. Its cool seeing everyone together like that. Sort of like that Life Magazine photo of all the top arcade record holders in one shot……or maybe not at all like that.

  3. Thx MT! Yeah, it kind of amazes me when I look at ’em all. I need to make a second display rack, as you can see, this rack’s full.

    There are so many more I need to collect…

  4. Hi, what a terrific collection! Can’t believe you still haven’t a Crazy Pig ring, it makes it feel sort of incomplete (said the fox drooling over the grapes…).

  5. I can understand: the persistent lack of funds is my persistent condition! That’s why the only skull ring I own is a dull one bought in 1987 in London from the Great Frog. About the Great Frog I was wondering what’s the relation between them and Crazy Pig: although they never mention each other, they both claim to be the inventor of the Evil Skull Ring. They also have very similar, if not identical, jewels and the same bunch of vip/rockstar customers… Also I see that The Great Frog do have in store a Motorhead ring very similar to the one you showed me: . I would be curious to know if there’s a reason why you don’t mention it.

    By the why: I found another online store of a guy who worked for them:

  6. Giona, I hadn’t noticed that great frog has a motorhead ring. Oh, hell, there goes my resolve not to buy more silver right now.

    I don’t know much about great frog, but I assume they’re intense rivals.

    dog state I hadn’t heard of; their site is terrible, but they have some decent silver, I’ll add a link to ’em!

    I wish people would quit with the flash. It’s such a terrible web technology. Designers who use it should be ashamed of themselves.

  7. Hi Elvis

    Hope you don’t mind me chirping in on this post.

    I have recently started to share your obsession with Skull Rings.

    Wanted to say firstly, stunning collection and great, well written blog.

    I do know The Great Frog, have been to shop many times (it’s between Soho and Carnaby Street), the staff there (lovely tattooed girls) make it all the more enjoyable. There is also a Great Frog in Brighton too although speaking with the owner this shop isn’t affiliated with the London store anymore yet they too do have all the same rings (and still use the same logo/branding o the shop?
    Also, like you noticed the Crazy Pig site has the same rings too? Although TGF site is a bit cheaper than CPD site. All very confusing.

    Check this video, it makes me want buy regardless of who got there first with the original ‘skull ring’:

    Quick question regarding the Courts and Hackett ring, which is next on my list of purchases Is it solid inside behind the skull or slightly hollowed out?



  8. Ant-

    I’d so love to get over to london, not least to check out those two shops. I haven’t been over there in nearly 20 years.

    Thx for the video link, badass. I’ll have to post that.

    For the C&H ring, it’s rock solid, not hollowed out. Really heavy.

  9. Nice one and congrats on the purchase.

    I’ll be at the London shop on Saturday funnily enough before a night out on the razz!

    Just about to order the C+H ring too, would you recommend going for a slightly larger size (just say a 1/4 size bigger than usual)? I’m usually a t 1/2 (UK) which is a perfect fit for quite chunky rings but this one looks really wide and I guess the solid inside makes it snug too? Maybe a T 3/4?



  10. Hi Elvis,

    Am from India and I too love skull rings,

    Am curious about the second ring from the first row.

    The biggest one.

    Just want to know where can I purchase that.



  11. eishak, that’s from Sinners Inc.

    They don’t have it on their web site (which is out of date) but they sell ’em.

    Let me know if you can’t reach ’em, I work with one of the two owners, so I can get you hooked up with him. That ring is HUGE, it’s wonderful.

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