Fuck You SBC

For some reason I can’t completely put a finger on, I feel angry, and sad, and frustrated this morning.


Sometimes things just stun me.

So today, I am working from home. Because I’m in a horrible mood to start with and figuring, better to stay away from people. People suck. I hate people today.

And suddenly, my DSL line drops out. The lights are all on, everything looks ok, but no connection.

No big deal, I think, it drops out and comes back all the time. It’s a constant low-grade irritation, but I can live with it.

Only it does not come back. And I wait. And it does not come back.

I go through the usual debugging routine. I check all the connections, two and three times. I power-cycle everything. Then I start stripping it down. I pull out the wireless stuff, then I pull out the VPN box that lets me connect to work without having to run performance-degrading VPN software. So I’m down to just my DSL router, and a cat5 straight into my laptop.

Nothing. Bupkis. nil, nix, nada, null, goose egg, naught, zilch, zip. Bugger all, fuck all, Sweet Fanny Adams.

Fuck me I say, out loud.

So I get on the phone to SBC, who I will always think of as Pac Bell. Of course, I have to call 411 to get a number, and of course I get on hold where they tell me over and over how I can go to the fucking web site to get help, where I would already fucking be if my fucking DSL was working.

But, you know, I’m not pissed yet.

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