Happy birthday, Pac-Man!

Twenty Five years ago, Pac-man was born.

Twenty Five years ago, Pac-man was born.

Boing Boing: Happy birthday, Pac-Man!:

I had a funny conversation with my buddy Chris (Papa Christo) the other day. He had a shirt on that said Tower Records Campbell – 30 year anniversary, with a date. And I looked at that date, and said, god dude, we worked there twenty five years ago.

Chris and I met at Tower, and I should do a whole entry about that. But we worked nights, in the posters/plants/bongs store. We both worked the closing shift, 3:30-midnight. And you know, we were nineteen, twenty, working nights, so what we did most nights on our ‘lunch’ break was drink. Sometimes we’d hit the mexican place, and drink shots and eat nachos. But more often, it was a burger and pizza place called “The Garret”

Now, that was where, when I was a younger teen, I played my first game of Pong, and then later a game no one remembers called Flim-Flam. But one day, they got this new game; a table-top thing called pac man. And it was perfect; we’d get a couple pitchers of cheap beer, a couple burgers, and he’d drink while I played, I’d drink while he played.

We’d drink and play for an hour, and like the old WKRP episode, we’d get better with each beer, for a while. But then we’d start getting worse with each beer, about the time lunch was up.

And Chris and I would wobble back across the street and take over running cash registers, selling bongs and pipes and scales, posters of Peter Frampton and Farrah Fawcett-Majors.

How can this be twenty-five years ago? Damn, we were young.