more blog hackery

Typically, when I want to be blogging and run out of words, I start fucking around with the technology that drives my blog. Which accounts for the several different templates I had up tonight, in case anyone was watching. And trust me, it looked pretty damn fucked up for a bit there.

One of the things that frustrates me about my completely lack of time lately is that I have no time for this sort of work; and I really enjoy it. This sort of hackery, than is of no benefit other than pleasing myself – is why I started playing with computers when I was a teenager. Just to make things that pleased me.

So it irritates me to have to be half-assed about this shit; that I can’t hack together the parts of various styles that I like and make it work all by myself. I’d far rather be doing this than babysitting users who either won’t listen or who think they know better.

Still – frustrations aside, I rather like MT Pro. Many of the glaring design problems in Mt4 are vastly improved (though it’s still vastly over complicated in some key ways that violate principles of good interface design). I just think I need to make a hackery blog so that I can test this shit someplace that isn’t live.

It’s looking more and more like my planned holiday break is going to be mostly work time; the good thing about that is that I’ll get some of it back in the form of extra days off, and can take a few free days when things slow. The down side is, that’s not likely to be until April.

The other good thing is, sometimes when I work on holidays, what I’m really doing is waiting for something that might happen, so I have time to kill in front of my computer. If I’m lucky. that time means I get some writing done (though facebook or myspace do NOT count as writing).

Meanwhile, I’m trying to make forward progress of some kind. This whole death business; I had no idea how many things needed to get done, and how much paperwork was involved. I see now the advantage of living in a bus with no fixed address and no assets you can’t carry with you. It means a whole lot less paperwork for anyone still left behind if you decide to drive off a cliff.

New Look and Feel

Yes, I know this space looks weird and green. At least, it will as soon as your browser refreshes the stylesheet (shift-reload to force that). 

It’s an unfortunate truth that while Six Apart make great software, they utterly suck at backwards compatability. So again I’ve abandoned my custom design temporarily for something off the shelf. 
That’ll get better soon. 
Meanwhile, it’s still the same lousy blog, in new, lousy packaging!

impending upgrade

Sometime in the next week or so I’m planning to update this site to the latest version of Movable Type Pro.

As usual, this means I need to blow away all my designs and templates, because the idiots at Six Apart don’t grasp backwards compatibility.

However, they have enough great new features that, once again, I’m sticking with MT rather than switching. While WordPress is still getting better, it’s still a very good tiny little minitruck compared to a somewhat clunky semi; ie, wordpress does a tiny job well, but is years away from doing a big one at all.

Six Apart keep pissing me off; but the product is still very, very far ahead of anyone else in the market. So I’m riding it a little longer ’til someone comes up with an option that’s enough better to make the switch worth it.

I say this only so that when my site suddenly goes to a generic layout, you few readers who’re still around know why.

fall migration

I’m working on moving all the domains I host to a new server.

This isn’t helped much by the fact that that company that physically maintains our hardware fucked up the machine and had to wipe and re-do it, after I’d moved half my domains.

But in any case, I’m down to the hard ones, the ones that have database-driven blogs and so forth.

Sometime in the next couple of days, this site and others hosted here may go unreachable for a short duration. The move should (knock wood) be largely invisible to the user, but still, fair warning.

I’ll post a note here when I’m done.

Search Word Poetry

It’s funny, I’m suddenly seeing a resurgence it hits in my logs, on “survivor am naked“, which I think we can all agree is a worthy sight.

Now, these never really went away; they’d turn up monthly or so, proving that america loves a naked,fake-breasted lesbian, no matter how long she’s been gone from reality teevee. But when it was announced that she’d be in the currently-running Survivor: Fans vs Faves, the hit count went up, and is still going up.

Which is ok by me, even though I never actually posted the above-mentioned titty shots of Miss Survivor Ami.

But this brings us to the topic of Search Word Poetry (or as originally coined, Googl-oetry, though I don’t like that term, being that it can be from any search engine, not only google).

The idea’s simple; dig out the search-strings that brought readers to your blog from whatever logs and meters you may choose (urchin, sitemeter, whatever).

Use those phrases to create your own poetry.


tell me more about the devil, who is he?
catholic ron paul?
polish guy and catholic in a boat joke?
phone numbers to recorded preachers?
bitch phone number?
pastor melissa scott sex life?


Aphrodite’s Greatest Failure:
How sexuality is viewed across religions,
Catholic churches view on premarital
Religions who allow sexuality.
Most men are by nature perverted –
The result of secret sin.
     —the chaplain

weird photos of naked girls
let’s see some women with nice asses that like sex
girls fuck with fruits
     —greta christina

gay crack head
subbing for algebra with kids that won’t be quiet
i hate texas

Now, I wish to hell I was more a poet and could do what these lovely citizens have done. Because god knows I get some good search terms:

tentacle rape
soccerboy rape
butch daddy erotica
daddy fuck me harder
my neighbor sucked my balls her mouth
girls doing a snowball blowjob
best busty chocolate blow jobs
extrem big woman trampling
shoes kiss trample video
awk machine gun
how to roast a pig cinder block
chicken and pig, breakfast
roasting pig in virginia
i have a crush on adam duritz
question cross ring womens indian larry
perfect, lamar thought. just incest and old men with young girls fucking porn perfect
ass fucken sex
fuck me hard art
squid fuck
fucking tarzan
air stewardess fucked
spicy labia fucking images
tuna skroodle
sex skunked
naked taiko drummers
local loop call bugging beeping noise
virgin digital exercise your music muscle
titanic engine size
licked the scotch off her tits
she moaned car tits thrust show
jessi combs belly tattoo
jessi combs thong picture
pussy tattoos
moomin tattoo
what movies do maggie gyllenhaal get naked in
bars over eyes
starch and iodine leaks threw the bag results
my hand slid under her dress
hand in her panties
drenched panties
silky panties photos women pubic hairs
picked up her panties and stuffed them in her mouth as a gag

But you know, I just can’t seem to make it all turn into poetry.

So two things:

1) go do your own and post it
2) if you get inspired by any of the above, post your result in my comments

Because someone has to make art out of all this, even if it isn’t me.

Movable Type 4 template designer

Ok, so I need some help from a template designer who knows movable type 4.

I don’t need a lot, but I do need someone else to suffer the slings and arrows for me. Payment will be in sexual favors and good old yankee dollars.

I don’t intend to port my old template as is, but I want to keep some of it’s elements, so I’ve got a pretty clear idea of a starting point.

Brave New World in Gray

I know. I know. It’s scary in here. Different.

It’s ok. Really.

It’s the same old moronosphere with a new skin. Change is good, they say, and if it isn’t, change is still change.

The real story is that I’ve just upgraded to Movable Type 4.1, and because the folks at six-apart feel the need to change things completely, whle feeling no need at all to maintain backwards compatability, everything in my blog design had to be abandoned in order to convert.

It took me a really long time to feel ok with that. But I think I’m there. And I gotta say, this took a hell of a lot less time than trying to convert everything, even if the result is somewhat grim. I=n fact I managed to do this in between tasks today while waiting for builds to finish

Don’t worry, my logo, at least, will come back. I’m attached to it. I just have to figure out how these fucking widgets work.