Get out there and vote – get the fucking GOP out.

Get out there and vote – get the fucking GOP out.


20 thoughts on “VOTE”

  1. Voting has been accomplished. I even took pictures of my ballot, with the names and everything, just so I could have proof of how I voted. Unfortunately I can’t upload the pictures for a while. But I have them!

  2. I’m a good little girl- when I want to be. Even made sure my helpless husband got his absentee ballot back into his hands after he left for the day! Let’s get rid of them.

  3. Helpess little girl?

    You’ve been letting the Girl Scout costume go to your head, haven’t you?

    And thanks for coming to my defense, DN. YOU I’d eat all up, even if you didn’t ask.

  4. It’s morning again in America!

    I voted a nearly-straight Democratic ticket for the first time in my life. Matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever voted Democrat, at all.

    So, Stan, there’s your answer. 🙂

    But, as noted here, the Democrats can’t just sit back and pat themselves on the back. They’ve beaten Bush, finally, in their third attempt, but they have yet to formulate a real agenda beyond vague promises that are certain to face Presidential vetoes that cannot be overturned in a narrowly-divided Congress.

    The next two years will be very interesting, and the Democrats need to lessen their reliance on their own interest groups if they wish to avoid tarring their own 2008 nominee with the dreaded L-word straight out of the gates.

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