Skull Lust

I seem to be all about lust this week.

(Yeah, I can hear you in the back, whattya mean this week? – shaddup, willya.)

First there was tattoo lust, then seventies-spanish-babe lust, and now we’re back to my unending desire for cool skull rings.

We’ll talk about my other, never-satiated lusts later.

I just found a new ring maker, who, I think, might have beaten my Clapton Skull as the coolest realistic skull ring ever – the DeadRingers classic skull:


(click the image to enlarge, or here for an alternate view – the ‘order’ link is here along with some other jewelry)

I fuckin’ want this thing. I can see it on my hand, next to my prized Tony Creed skull.

This is a stunning ring. Absolutely stunning. The only issue I have with these guys is that they’re priced too high (Though not absurdly high like Bill Wall). But they’re shooting higher than Tony, and for less fully custom work. That’s the only reason I have not already ordered this ring. If they would knock that price down just a little they’d have my business in two fucking seconds.

But you know, it’s on my wish list, so anyone who wants to show daddy some love