H O L D – F A S T

Hold Fast.(see the extended entry for photos)Getting the design laid out correctly: Klem at work…. Not really painful, as tattoos go, but man, annoying: Right hand done: HOLD fucking FAST: The green stuff is sharpie, it’ll wash off.


Hang on tight, it means. Stay steady. Don’t give up.

Sailors used to tattoo it on their knuckles, as a charm and a reminder. Don’t let go the rigging, lest you be swept out to sea. Certain death, that meant, when you had sailing ships and men who could not swim. Hang on tight, or it’s Davy Jones Locker for you.

Bikers used to wear it. Hang on tight, keep the rubber side down.

To me, it means, simply, don’t ever give up. Strive for what you want, for what you believe.

Hold Fast.

(see the extended entry for photos)

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