Still no sign of land

Still no sign of land. How long is it? That’s a rather personal question, sir. You stupid git. I meant how long has it been in the lifeboat? You’ve destroyed the atmosphere now. I’m sorry. Shut up. Start again. So the latest weather report says another week of the grim and gray. I think I’m […]

Still no sign of land. How long is it?

That’s a rather personal question, sir.

You stupid git. I meant how long has it been in the lifeboat? You’ve destroyed the atmosphere now.

I’m sorry.

Shut up. Start again.

So the latest weather report says another week of the grim and gray. I think I’m starting to develop gills (though not, you know, ones that look like cunts, like Kevin Costner had in Waterworld). I’m thinking I might trade my motorcycle on a jetski, while will be much more use if this rain goes on much longer.

Speaking of Waterworld, I’ve developed quite the huge crush on Tina Majorino, who’s currently in Big Love, and was also the love interest in Napoleon Dynamite (which is certainly the oddest movie I’ve seen in the last week). But it’s in Veronica Mars where she really gets me, as the blue-haired geek-girl Mac. I just think she’s too adorable for words. I only realized a couple days ago that she was the little-girl-with-the-map-on-her-back from Waterworld; I’ve been thinking where have I seen her for months, since I first watched Veronica Mars. I can understand why I’d forgotten this, Waterworld is a movie one tends to want to forget. But Tina can sit on my lap and call me daddy anytime.

This is turning into an entry on movies and teevee, so let’s go with it.

I can’t quite figure out Big Love; I like it, I like the people in it, and I like the setting, the day-to-day complications of a plural marriage, the somewhat obvious, yet clever, symbolism, such as the triple-mirror reflecting Bill Paxton as he gobbled viagra, or the cut from sex-scene to pop-up sprinkler. But I can’t quite figure out what the editorial point of view is on the whole thing; I can’t figure out if they even have one. This may become clearer with another couple episodes, I still have last week’s on my TiVo and we’ll get another tonight.

As noted above, I finally watched Napoleon Dynamite and I can’t quite figure out what the fuss was about. I know people who loved it, people who hated it. It’s a tiny, odd, and generally unremarkable film. I laughed at it, was vaguely amused, but if it hadn’t make such a splash of both positive and negative reactions, I don’t think it would stick in my head at all.

I had a dream about you last night, ChealseaGirl. I wish it has been something more salacious, but I remember you were wearing a halter top and driving a white convertible You were yummy, but alas, I awoke before I could get more than a hug and a stolen kiss.

I’m watching the third season of Buffy with my kids. My god, this show was good. I haven’t watched these early episodes since they were originally shown, and it just keeps impressing me. Cast, script, direction. Joss knows how to get the best out of everyone who works for him. It’s unfortunate that he let Buffy slide so far, the last two or three seasons. They were frankly terrible, hard to even watch aside from a few gems like the musical episode. But these first three seasons were spectacular, as good an arc as any teevee show, ever. Makes me desperately wish Joss would get another series going; Buffy, Angel, Firefly, all absolutely brilliant. C’mon, Joss, I got a million ideas, let’s talk.

Ok. I’m off to take my kids to see Ice Age 2. The first one was way funnier than expected, but I’m setting expectations low for this. I think I just want to see Scrat chase acorns.

Anyone else utterly sick of CGI movie previews? Ok, so I actually wind up liking the movies quite often (Hoodwinked was hysterical even though the animation kind of sucked, Madagascar was funny as long as the characters were not talking). And some of the new crop look ok (monster house). But I’m just sick of seeing CGI character after CGI character when I go see movies. It’s getting too damned easy to do mediocre CGI.

I want a fistfull of downers. I couldn’t talk my doc into giving me any purely recreational versed. I’m in the mood to get low, baby.

5 thoughts on “Still no sign of land”

  1. Re: Big Love — I know what you mean. I … “like” it. Good acting, good writing, but I have no idea whether it will be engaging in a “long term” sense.

    Re: Napoleon Dynamite. Yup — it’s odd. I loathed watching it, but found it to be quite funny in retrospect. It should have been the funniest SNL skit ever, or perhaps a really hysterically odd 30-45 minute short film. But it has an absurd number of great quote that are much funnier after the fact than when you have to sit through the tedious film to reach them.

  2. Rain, rain…do you have any idea what it is doing??? It is simply assuring that my favorite hike will be mind-blowing and beyond belief by mid-May…the rain is good. *giggle*

  3. CG, I have two words for you. Dawn, and Glory.

    Each easily the worst long-term charracter in buffy history, and we get them in the same season. Dawn might have been a passable idea (stupid, but maybe they could have made it work), but Michelle Trachtenberg couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. And Glory – ok, she was hot, but it was a one-note joke and got less and less entertaining with each episode. The only good thing about her was that one of her henchmen looked like Geddy Lee. She’s the only buffy villian *worse* than the nerd super-villians. It’s so painfully obvious by this point that Joss has lost interest and the series has lost it’s way.

    As I recall, there were some decent episodes, and I think teh sex started to get really raw with B&S, but this is where the hard, fast slide toward suckitude starts. This is where the episodes started to seem like they were three hours long, and not in a good way.

    A, ok, I’m in. New boots and let’s go!

    Grrrrreggggg, I I’m starting to like Big Love a bit more with each episode; the third with it’s implications of something not-at-all-wholesome between Nicki and her daddy, creepily played by Hary Dean Stanton, brought it both a needed dose of humor and a needed dose of darkness under the surface. It’s starting to pick up steam.

  4. Oh and by the way, Ice Age 2 sucked rocks. Funny, in places, and of course well animated, well voice-acted (Though they gave Dennis Leary nothing to do). But incredibly slow. Not a sequel that needed to be and they added nothing to the franchise with a second go-round. Wait for video unless you need something to take kids to.

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