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Let’s talk, shall we, about shaving. Starting with the face and head, and then working down. Now I gotta admit. I have not shaved my face, regularly, in at least — um, now, I have to count it up, let’s see, ah, I guess it would be seventeen or eighteen years. Sometimes I go full […]

Let’s talk, shall we, about shaving. Starting with the face and head, and then working down.

Now I gotta admit. I have not shaved my face, regularly, in at least — um, now, I have to count it up, let’s see, ah, I guess it would be seventeen or eighteen years. Sometimes I go full beard, sometimes I go goatee, sometimes mustache with the goatee, sometimes just the chin. Sometimes it’s a big crazy long goatee, sometimes trimmed to a satan point; sometimes it’s trimmed very short. But even when it’s a goatee, I trim the rest with a good trimmer. I’ll razor shave my face pretty much only if I’m getting really fancied up.

But it’s not so much the face I’m talking about here.

So let’s move on to head shaving.

I used to have hair. Well, I still grow it. No hair loss here, I could go back and do the whole hair thing again. But I used to have hair styles. Mullets, mohawks, spikey things dyed weird colors. I used product. Other times I was a long-hair-in-a-pony-tail guy.

I dunno when finally cut it all off. There were a couple times when I had it long and then cut it short and then re-grew it. But there was a final time, when my oldest daughter was three or four (She’s now eleven), when I took it all off in a mohawk, then chopped that off, then clipped it down with the #1 guard on a clipper.

And I looked in the mirror and said – that’s it, that’s my head.

It was a couple more years before I took a razor to it, though. I might have tried once or twice but head shaving is tricky. But one day I struck up a conversation with Jeff, who’s now my boss but was not back then, about head shaving. I asked him for tips on how he did it.

That was it. I tried it, I liked it. And for the most part, since then, about five years ago, I keep it either razor shaved or clipped with a guardless trimmer. It’s my look. It’s who I am, now. People think it’s weird to see me with hair. My kids don’t recognize pictures of me from ten years ago, when I had hair halfway down my back.

I shave it every day or every other; in the shower, with shaving oil and then a good unscented shave cream. I use a Gillette Mach III. I’ve tried the Headblade, and I like the device, but the blades they use are not as good as the Mach III. I shave by feel; it’s so much easier that way.

There is nothing in the world that makes a man feel clean like having a completely smooth scalp.

So despite having facial hair, I’m good with a razor. But that’s not the shaving we all wanna talk about.

I loved shaved women. And I’m talking about shaved pussy of course. Shaved legs, I can take or leave; if she’s gonna wear a dress, in general, I’ll suggest a shave, but I don’t really care that much. And frankly I think women who don’t shave their armpits are sort of hot. But when it comes to the pussy, I like it bare. Smooth. Absolutely slick.

There’s nothing more luridly sexual than a pussy sans hair. Nothing as invitingly slippery as a woman who’s wetly, hotly excited. The feel of silky panties against wet lips.

Nothing tastes better. Nothing feels better against my lips, my tongue. Skin, sweet briny lubrication. Nothing else.

I love pussies. Hairy, neatly trimmed, whatever. They’re a marvel, a delight, a joy. It’s not that hair is bad. I love a woman’s pubic hair. But compared to the look, the feel, the scent, the taste, there is no comparison. It’s like the entire area is suddenly one continuous sex organ, from navel all the way down, around and back up to the chin-rest at the top of the ass, all of it enticing, sweet, delicately delicious and lickable. I can spend all day there.

Some people claim it’s all about looking young. ‘Prepubescent Porpoise People,‘ Austin Ray says. But I disagree. It’s not about looking pubescent. It’s about looking sexual. Hair is just hair. But when you look at the invitingly shaved lips of a woman’s cunt, you see sex. You see pleasure.

I’m pretty good with a razor. Standing offer, ladies; you want a shave, you need a hand, I’m there. Any day. I can’t promise to do a convincing heart, or a little landing strip, but you want a clean, smooth shave done with love and care, trust a man who shaves his head.

I need to get a strop one of these days. I have a collection of straight razors, but there’s no getting them sharp enough without one. Plus you know, a strop has other uses. Beat Until Creamy.

Shaving isn’t just for girls though. Fact is, once a guy gets used to shaved balls, there’s no going back. It feels too damned good. Mike Myers as Doctor Evil said “There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum… it’s breathtaking – I highly suggest you try it.” And while that’s just a funny, surreal line from a very funny movie, I think Myers must know what he’s talking about there, first hand. Because breathtaking it is.

I first tried shaving my balls because it seemed like an interesting thing to do. I was there in the shower, I had a razor. Why not? But recently I started talking to a friend of mine, a gay man, who goes on at great length (heh) about his obsession with a hair-free scrotum. He wants the hair permanently removed, and is investigating various options. This guy really likes being hairless. But I didn’t start doing it regularly until I happened upon a pretty cool invention, the Shick Intuition. Now, this isn’t a razor I’d use on my head, or on my face. It’s not maneuverable enough. But the built-in soap and the easy to grip handle works great in the shower. My only objection to it is that the blade dulls before the soap is spent, but you have to replace them together.

I shave every few days now. And there’s simply nothing like the feeling, when someone reaches under my kilt to check me, of a hand against my smooth scrotum. Truly, as Doctor Evil says, breathtaking.

I’m a big fan of shaving, as I’ve said.

So what’s the answer, people have asked me, to the problem of bumps and razor burn?

It’s simple. Keep shaving. Don’t give up. The skin seems to get used to regular shaving; not weekly, but when you have several times a week or more, your skin gets used to being scraped, and it’s almost like it builds micro-calluses. I’ve seen it with my head, when I stop shaving for a couple weeks, I always get razor burn when I start again. But when I shave daily, my skin’s happy, I never get any rash or bumps or razor burn. The same is proving true with other areas; the first couple times it irritated the skin, but when I went to more frequent shaving, the irritation went away. Part of this may be technique, but I think the skin just gets used it it.

I’ve never really thought much about permanent hair removal before, or even waxing. But now that I’m used being shorn, more and more, I like it. Waxing the head is a bad idea, I’ve heard that from people who’ve tried it. I don’t know about laser. But if my buddy finds a good way to permanently excise the hair from his nut-sack, I’m going to be interested. I’ve talked to a few female friends who like to keep their pussies deliciously hair-free about the idea or permanent hair removal, and I’m all for it. If you’ve been shaving every day for years, it’s pretty damned certain you’re not ever going to want pubic hair. Why not just take it all off once and for all? Ok, the expense, but aside from that, why not?

There’s truly nothing like being smooth. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it. I’ve you’ve never tried shaving someone else, I also recommend that.

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  1. I agree on all counts…the shaving of one’s self and of another…nothing feels better than a clean shave on both partners…now what’s this Intuition? I must try one!

  2. yup. I like the hair on the head, but the rest of it can all go. Permanently would be great. And your theory about regular shaving only works in some cases. My legs have chronically dry skin, and shaving really makes it worse. If I shave more than once a week, especially in the winter, I run the risk of getting cracks deep enough to bleed.

    I’ve been growing it out so that I can try waxing; trying to decide if I’m going to do it in house or pay a pro. Seth has offered me a hand, if I want it. 😉

  3. I have the exact same Norelco trimmer. It rocks. And I don’t just use it on my beard.

    I don’t know where the whole hair interest comes from. Maybe it’s from falling in love with one too many cute hippy chicks at Cal Expo Dead shows. Dilated eyes make me hot. Go figure.

    Or maybe it’s just that it’s different. The whole shaving thing is so common, so overdone, I’m just bored with it. If an alien culture tried to learn about female anatomy from watching modern porn, they’d have no clue that hair even grew down there.

    I shave my scrotum pretty regularly. The wife has shaved completely a few times. It’s fun. It’s different. But, y’know, in the grand scheme of things…eh, I don’t know what’s so special about it. I still like the look of hair. I like the hint it gives of something just a little further down. I like happy trails. I like the way the hair on a girl’s arm stands up a little when she gets aroused. I like how some girls have a tiny little patch of baby duck fuzz at the small of their back, and how the sun bleaches it so it contrasts with their tan.

    And yeah, I like cute teenage hippy chicks who don’t shave under their arms. I can’t help it.

  4. You wear a kilt? Rock on. Now there’s a man secure in his manhood. Damn, I love a man in a kilt.

    Oh, and as far as pubic hair goes… you know you lose all that stuff when you get old and stuff, right? Unfortunately, I have a mother that enjoys sharing that kind of information.

    And personally, I’m a girl who likes her girls shaved, too. For all the reasons you mentioned.

    This is my first time here. I might just be back, if only because of this diary entry. You rock.

  5. My GF asked me to shave a few years back. To that point I had been neat and trimed. But I must admit the defrocking my balls was nice and still are to this day. Still not to keen on the bald pelvic area, but the less time she is picking curlies out of her teeth the more time she spends on me! plus she is shaved too. nothing better then a bald beautiful pussy ripe for the likin!..

  6. Agree with you all the way, timbo. No matter how pretty I think pubic hair on a woman is, bald is just better on the tongue, and visually, it’s more overtly sexual. I’ll take shaved over furry, always.

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