Protect ya neck

Or more accurately, your shoulders.

I’ve spent the last 10 weeks recovering from a rotator cuff surgery, so unable to drive stick shift, ride my motorcycle, work out, or do fuck all that needs my use of my right (dominant) shoulder. (Ok, all of me is dominant, some of you know that, but, well, that’s means something else.)


Let me give you all a piece of advice: no matter how fit and strong and young you are, your shoulders are vulnerable to injury, and shoulder injuries fucking hurt. Shoulder surgery hurts like hell, for a long time, and is incredibly slow to heal

That gets worse as you get older.

My orthopedic surgeon tells me it’s one of the most painful, slowest healing surgeries around, and from person experience, I can agree with this.

If you’re working out, trust anyone who tells you you’re risking injury with a technique. There are right and wrong ways, and you can only get away with wrong for just so long before something give out,


All that said, it’s healing, but it’s going to take months more before I can do a push-up, pull-up, bench press, or just ride my harley.

So trust me on this one, take care of yer goddam shoulders.

2 thoughts on “Protect ya neck”

  1. So, like, I’m googling around looking for stuff about Sandman, as one does, and I thought to try to see if anything I wrote about it in my old blog was squirreled away anywhere, and one thing led to another and fuck dude, the mo’sphere is back? How the hell are you? I think you and Hiromi are the only ones from back then that I’m still in touch with.

    I’ll see your rotator cuff and raise you a lumbar fusion.

    Getting old ain’t for pussies.

  2. Man, it’s good to see your name in my comments, my brother.

    Yeah, I finally gave up trying to recover the server after Brandon died, and moved it after recovering from downloaded archives. I lost a lot (pictures mostly) but salvaged the writing, mostly.

    I’m ok. Been better. Been a lot worse. And yeah, I imagine that lumbar shit is kicking your ass. It’s not a competition, but i’ll clink Oxy tablets with you and then it’s nap time.

    But i’m writing again – well, mostly editing, but that’s close – after a friend read my novella; it finally got me to give it a full going over and fix shit i’ve wanted to fix for a decade and more.

    I’ve been telling same friend about the orkut days, there are wild stories written down (but which definitely won’t get put up in public, for reasons you would understand).

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