one damned thing after another

I have, I’m not kidding, five entries sitting in draft state that I’m almost done with. But trivial time suck keeps eating my final touch ups.

The latest one; a reminiscence about my fondness for pulp writers, interrupted by the need to go buy pet supplies. My war against the ants, nearly won, has moved into my kids guinea pig’s cage. I just had to race to the store and buy some supplies to build a temporary cage, until we can either figur eout how to get all the ants out of coroplast without insecticde, or until we can get more coroplast to build a new cage.

Of course, I can’t do that now, because in ten minutes, I’m leaving for a friend’s daughter’s bat mitzvah in the Napa area (which is an over-night run).

So one more entry almost done, goes into mothballs.

This is getting frustrating. I’d describe all the travails of the last month (surgeries, injured limbs, amputations, illnesses), but i don’t have time.

On the other hand, if we’re lucky, Ray will post an entry so at least there’s SOMETHING to read!

Meanwhile, it’s time to kilt up and run. The good thing about Lisa’s mitzvahs (bat and bar) is that she knows how to throw a fuckin’ party.

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  1. Could you just submerge the coroplast in a pool? Would one of your neighbors be a sport about that?

    Damn but that looks like it would suck to get ants out of.

    I’ve made peace with the ants in my current place by moving the box of sugar cubes they swarmed in my cabinet out and tucking it under an eave against the foundation. They are merrily carrying that all back to where ever they go, and leaving my kitchen alone.

  2. Submerging might work, though the thing’s already fallin’ apart, so it’d have to be completely re-taped afterward anyway. I’m just gonna make a new one.

    As to making peace – I prefer making war. terro ant baits are the fuckin’ bomb.

  3. You may remember my ant problem of many years now. I’ve had multiple exterminator visits with no luck at all. A billion home remedies tried, no luck.

    Then, for other reasons, I used Tilex to cleaneevery inch of the window sill nearest where I saw the most ants–including opening the window and cleaning the bottom part and the sill underneath).

    Ants gone. And have (for the last 4 months at least) never come back.

    I know Tilex has bleach in it, among other things. I’m not sure if it would be okay to clean and then wash this thing you’re talking about with that, or the area around where it sits, but if it’s possible, you might want to try it.

  4. On the coroplast, if you need a temporary solution, take a blowup kiddie pool and soak it for a day in bleach water. Then dry it out and you’re set. If you have the ants on it dead, just need to get rid of any trails to/from the cage, bleach/water or hydrogen peroxide/water. Both break down to non-toxic (even for guineas, I think).
    Rat surgery would be a specialty, methinks. I hope the little one is getting better and/or feels better.

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