not for three weeks

I had these plans to post additional pictures for two of my last posts; better pix of the Thurxton, and of course, new pictures of my back once it was healed up.

Clearly we’re still waiting.

My back is, to the best of my ability to tell, completely healed. Which means it’s time for more ink, obviously. Only thing is, I have a conflict next week when I was scheduled to get the next session. So it’s going to be another month or so ’til we have progress.

The bike, though, is everything I’d hoped. It is, without question, the most fun ride I’ve ever had (at least the most fun ride that didn’t have a pulse). As I’ve gotten to know it, I’ve liked it more with each ride. The handling is fantastic, the exhaust note from the TOR pipes is gorgeous, and it’s got all the speed I need (no, it’s not the fastest bike I’ve ever owned, but I’m ok with that). I just need better weather to get on it and ride every day (I no longer own any rain gear for riding, so I’m still your basic fair weather rider).

However, both things need to get postponed for a while, since I’m going in next week for rotator cuff surgery; I’ll be off my bike for three weeks, and obviously the surgery conflicted with my tattoo schedule.

Honestly, that’s the main reason I’m bothered by the surgery. The repair in my shoulder will be minor, and the recovery should be reasonably quick. But for a boy with a brand new toy, hearing “not for three weeks” sounds like an eternity.

On the other hand, enforced time off work isn’t sounding that bad, even if it comes with pain. And there’s percocet. Mmm, percocet.


After spending the weekend working on clearing out mom’s house and my brother’s long-ignored storage space, I realize there’s no fucking way I can be down for three weeks right not. I’ve postponed the surgery (for a couple of months, I suspect).

Luckily, my tattoo appointment was still clear; which means I *can* get inked after all. Which is WAY better than getting cut open.

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  1. heh 🙂 Nothing like a dr. enforced ‘vacation’ that they can’t hold against you 🙂
    I’m happy you’re enjoying the bike. You’ll heal quick 🙂

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