5 thoughts on “Merry Xmas”

  1. Ahhh…. Will teenagers be telling stories about Karl Elvis around the fire at Camp Winnabucket in years to come?
    “See, there was this DUDE…. And he was COOOOOL”
    “Was he really THAT cool, Jimmy?”
    “Sure was, Sherry. His skin was covered in the most amazing patterns.”
    “What was it, Jimmy?”
    “Sherry, some said it was his skin, he just grew that way. But I heard it from Crazy Ray down the road. He actually KNEW him. He says that it… well, it was INK. They say he was six feet tall. And no hair. Well, except for his face. And he wore the strangest clothes.”
    “Tell me more, Jimmy!”
    “He was a god. All the women loved him. He was Karl Elvis.”
    “OOOooooh, I bet he was DREAMY, Jimmy!”
    Heh. Sorry. Too much eggnoggy-ness.

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