Leigh Ann Hussey


This is a friend of mine – or used to be, hadn’t talked to her in a couple years. Old ‘net friend from motorcycle newsgroups; a gifted violin player who played in local celtic bands.

LIVERMORE – The Alameda County coroner’s office identified the motorcyclist killed when a dump truck ran over her Tuesday night as 44-year-old Leigh Hussey of Berkeley.

Authorities were investigating late Tuesday the circumstances that led Hussey to inexplicably lose control of her BMW bike about 7:20 p.m. and slip under the back axle of a yellow dump truck on westbound Interstate 580 near North Livermore Avenue, Highway Patrol said.

Hussey was crushed by the truck’s two rear tires and was then thrown to the right hand shoulder, Highway Patrol officer John Pabst said. She was pronounced dead at the scene from massive trauma.


While she wasn’t a close friend, she’s a close friend of several of my friends. And I don’t even know what to say. Other than, you know, ride safe people.

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  1. Liegh-anne was a friend of the family though not so much of mine… but many of my friends and my sister were close to her at one point, I heard yesterday third hand… and to see it in one of my favorite blogs… damn.

    Time to go play some more Annwn.

  2. I remember her from the rec.motorcycles days. That’s just awful.

    Poor girl.

    I hope there are lots of windy roads where she is now.

  3. I am so sorry. Although I love bikes, I also hate them now, and this is why. I haven’t lost anyone but have known many many accidents…one of the reasons I had to stop riding; my fear overwhelms my love for it now.
    I am sorry for your loss. Thinking of you,

  4. There was a moment, after the one major accident I had, where I’d wake up gasping and scared, feeling the accident re-play in slo-mo again in my dreams.

    And I realized i had to get back on and ride, or I might never, ever ride again. And so I did, and fifteen years later, I’m stil riding.

    I will not let fear control me. And there are worse ways to die that riding. The tattoos say H O L D – F A S T for a reason.

  5. Orca touched people with her being both in words and music as well as the free spirit she embodied flying the asphalt circuits of the left-coast and the bay…may her hey-day never end, both a rare aquaintance and good freind

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