large, angry rat

Ever have that feeling, like there’s a large, angry rat inside your skull and it’s trying to tear it’s way out?

You know, like it started below and behind your left ear, and it’s making it’s way toward your left eyeball?

No? Well I can’t recommend it.

I am now in day three of a a migraine that feels pretty much like that. And I’m over the part where having an excuse to take percodan mid-day is a fun novelty. I’ve over the ‘i’ll just go to bed and sleep this off’ feeling. I’m now on the to the fuck you fuck you part where I’m on a hair-trigger and get mad if you even think about looking at me funny, and where I want to take a mallet to my own head to MAKE THE GODDAMNED RAT STOP.

Which is to say I’m not particularly chipper just now.

Someone get me some more ice. And some fresh percodan.

On the other hand, I’m havin’ a great conversation with the cats from Skinny Dog about how they make jewelry with modern CAD/CAM technology. I should have a better post about them up soon.

5 thoughts on “large, angry rat”

  1. Could you demo that for me, Fred?

    Though in this case, that’s what triggered today’s re-occurrence, so I don’t know that it would help. YOUR orgasm though, certainly would do me some good.

  2. Hell yes. I know what it’s like. I’m sorry.
    Get thee to a doctor and ask him about TOPAMAX. Nice little drug that prevents the damned things with the only side effect of losing weight.

    Sometimes sleep doesn’t even help. Not when you wake up with them again. Been there….

  3. The pain of two of your molars/wisdom teeth shattering as the infected pulp expands due to freezing in winter is a bit like that. I’d hear them starting to crack and I’d pray that they would start to bleed soon just so the pressure would ease. The pain worked its way up behind my eyeball and bloomed in my head like some dark flower and I couldn’t think about anything else at all for a little while.

    I’ve got to admit though, when I read your first line I didn’t think of pain at all. At least not of the physical variety. I have all the other symptoms of “rat in the head” right now and then some, though.

  4. As a fellow migraneur I certainly know how you feel, Stephen King really describes the way they feel really well in the book Firestarter, Charlie’s father Andy gets them when he uses his powers and he says it feels like a dark knight on a large black warhorse running through his brain, it’s hooves digging up and flinging chunks. Anyway that is how mine feel or sometimes there is a little man behind my eye with a hammer and every time my heart beats he pounds on my optic nerve. I agree with Devilbluedress you should see a doctor for one of the new medicines that are out they have come a long way! Anyway hope you are better today if not stay in the dark with a nice ice pack and some good drugs!

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