L O V E – H A T E, baby!

This rules:

Love Hate Baby Mittens

I of course also own a pair of “L O V E – H A T E” motorcycle gloves, which I think you can’t get now, but which rule. But I’m gonna have to snap up these baby gloves, for, you know, whoever breeds next. B^)

(via boingboing)

2 thoughts on “L O V E – H A T E, baby!”

  1. Those SO rock. Reminds me of my favorite baby clothes site online, babywit.com. If you haven’t ever gone there, you should check it out. They’re great, some cool alterna-rock baby clothes, arty-intellectual baby clothing (where else could you buy a baby t-shirt with an photo of infant kafka?), and also fabulous t-shirt slogans, like:

    “I Wake Up Screaming,” “They’re Raising Me Gay,” and my personal favorite…

    “My Mommy Drinks Because I Cry”

    ‘Course my favorite baby t-shirt ever was one with a slogan that said, “My Daddy is a Motherfucker.” (Not at babywit, sold somewhere else). I laughed my ass off the first time I saw it. But my sister and brother-in-law wouldn’t let me buy it for their twins. They also wouldn’t let me buy them the “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” t-shirts from babywit. Go figure. If I had kids, I’d have them wearing those in a heartbeat. (Maybe I shouldn’t have kids…?)

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