Finding what’s missing

Ah, crap, I just realized that in conversion of my old site archive to this, I seem to have lost about half my total posts.

I have it all, in a temporary blog I set up while was down, but now I have the hard process of figuring out what’s missing, entry by entry, and then figuring out how to export and import just the missing stuff.


It may not even be worth it. As much as I hate the thought, not every one of the 1300 posts from my original blog may be so suffused with brilliance I have to have it. And all the photo links are broken, since I lost all that when Brandon died and left me locked out of our machine.

But some of it – well, at least as memories of times long ago – matters.




ok, not difficult at all. WordPress importer is smart enough to know what’d been uploaded already and simply bypasses.

I’ve uploaded it all, and now see all 1271 published posts (plus a shit ton of drafts).

Your homework is to go read and digest Every. Single. One.

There may be a pop quiz later.

2 thoughts on “Finding what’s missing”

  1. Can you point me in the right direction to find these hidden gems? I don’t see where to find them on WP or your site when you leave WP to get here. Or, is it me? Have I not had enough coffee? Hmm, do share. Pretty please.

    1. I should put up a section in my side bar with best or favorite posts. With so stupidly many you could wade though posts all day.

      Meanwhile I’ll point you to some. Navigation is easier on desktop.

      All the image links remain broken for now but I’ll slowly fix those. I found a good WP plugin that locates them all so at least I have a list.

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