12 thoughts on “Agent Smith (but not doctor smith)”

  1. I’m deeply ashamed.

    Only I’m not.

    And you know if I came out as anyone but Agent Smith or Captain Kirk, I wouldn’t have posted it.

    (ok, or Snape. ‘Cause the girls, the girls, they love Snape).

  2. LOL!!! *points at Hiromi*
    LOL!!! You’re a girl! *points at Karl*

    Elrond for me. Yay!

    Okay, beat me up and take my lunch money, but I played a half-elf in D&D. And I wanted to live in Rivendell as a kid.

    LOL!!! *points at self* Hey! Wait a minute . . .

  3. the only way you are going to get to spank me is to be my backup singer at karaoke Jcon 2006.
    You, me and Ray: Gladys Knight and the pimps.

    “Leaving on that midnight train to Georgia….”

  4. We’re definitely gonna do it.

    I’ve wanted to be a Pip ever since I saw the Pips without Gladys Knight on the Flip Wilson show when I was tiny.

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