Your First Tattoo

I was talking to a friend recently about tattoos (ok, so, this could describe about a full quarter of the conversations have on a daily basis but nevermind).

This is one of those conversations you get in regularly if you’re heavily tattooed and in any way expert.

“I want to get a tattoo, can you tell me were to go.”

This is different than who did that tattoo or where did you get that tattoo; that question comes from two groups. One, those who are looking and know enough to know good work and to inquire as to it’s origin, and two, those who feel the need to comment and don’t know what to say. That second group, i can say 222 tattoo, san francisco, or I can say, san francisco or I can say katmandu and it won’t make any difference. They stare at me blankly either way.

But those are not the conversations I’m talking about. I mean the ones where someone who’s never been tattooed asks for help or advice. This is always a difficult conversation. Because tattooing is so completely personal.

Thus, here’s some general advice for those who want to get a tattoo and have no idea where to start.

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