7 thoughts on “Well that’s the season, then”

  1. See you changed the post. Yeah. Guess there was no point in offering hope at this point… They’re gone. Could have left the picture up on their gravestone though. As a reminder for next year.

  2. If you mean REAL football, the CFL preseason starts June 9 and the first regular season game is June 28. It can’t come soon enough for me… there’s nothing better. Almost nothing.

  3. Red Socks? Are we talking about fashion now?

    Oh wait, you mean that other sport. Ok. I can hang with that. As long as it ain’t fuckin’ basketball. Sports where they score every 15.7 seconds? What’s the damned point.

    You know, the only issue I have with Reggie is that seeing all the Bush jerseys really makes me nauseous. But I try not to hold it against him.

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