We all have our little crushes

I’ve got a crush.This is the sort of thing I do when I’m hung over and way short on sleep on a sunday afternoon….  This is where I hope for a baseball game, or if it’s teh right season, a hockey game.

I admit it. I’ve got a crush.

This is the sort of thing I do when I’m hung over and way short on sleep on a sunday afternoon. I turn on random things on teevee. This is where I hope for a baseball game, or if it’s the right season, a hockey game. But if I get skunked on all that, and I really just can’t get up off the fucking couch, I’ll wander aimlessly around the dial (aside – who actually remembers when teevees had dials and we had to get up to change channels?).

Usually this leaves me with a cooking show, or a documentary. Sometimes even a re-run of American Gladiators, but we’ll talk about that crush later.

Sunday, though, I stopped on a little thing called Xtreme4x4.

Now, I drive a jeep. But there’s really nothing ‘Xtreme‘ about it. I don’t do a lot of actual off-roading (I try, you know, but who has time). I don’t have it heavily customized. Who can afford it, and when most of it’s miles are road miles, what’s the point? But saturday I was out shopping for some nice new tires, and my head was all full of four wheelin’, so when I landed on Xtreme4x4 on Spike TV, my thumb rested on the remote control.

Now, I think this would have held my interest for five, ten minutes. Maybe a whole episode, but maybe not.


Jessi Combs..

Jessi Combs.

Now, these pictures all suck. The stupid bastards who did the web site think we want pictures of trucks. We don’t care about trucks. We care about Jessi. She’s way, way cuter than that when she’s moving.

She welds. She uses power tools. She customizes trucks. She has tattoos.

I Want Her.



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34 thoughts on “We all have our little crushes”

  1. You could probably get Metis to fit her with some power tools.

    Our crush biorhythms must be in sync. I just got back from the Chinese restaurant near work totally smitten with the hostess who could definitely be related to Lindsay Lohan and who wanted to show me all of her tattoos while we were waiting for my to-go order to come out.

    I think I’m going to be eating a lot more Chinese for the next few weeks.

  2. Indeed. There’s a woman who works for the Caltech electrical shop here. She’s pretty enough and all that, but with her tool belt on, she’s hot.

  3. Dude, spring fever has struck! I’ve got the nicest little crush on this Asian waitress at this chicken wing place we go to. I’m one of her favorite customers (big tipper) and these days I get hello/goodbye hugs and smoochies when I go there. Flutter! Nice…

  4. Boys, boys, boys…girls get crushes, too. There is a guy in full colorful sleeves that comes in to my work 3 times a day. I FINALLY said “hi”. I love a good crush. *blush*

  5. I happen to love cooking shows. I also drive a little red Mazda MX6 (not a Miata, so I’m not that gay).

    I have a HUGE crush on Rachel Rae. She has that hyper, psycho look in her eye. 30 Minute Meals? More time for sex!!!


  6. Looks like she’s got power tools of her own! I’m with ya on this- SHE’s HOT!!!

    I’ll tag team with you on that little girl.

  7. Whirl, if you like Rachel Ray (I do too…not necessarily for cooking though), then you need to go

    She can suck the cream out of my twinkie any time.

  8. She would probably kick some ass for you too. I swore I saw some curlies one show when her jeans were riding real low.

  9. Jessi reminds me of those girls who would show you around as kid,but would be lesbians by their 20’s.Its all good to me.I bet she would be pwr toch as well.

  10. Guys and ladies, you think Jessi looks good now. I used to date her. she looks smokin when all cleaned up, even better with nothin on. And I must tell you all she is a little wild cat in bed she can go for hours on end with out tiring. And for all you ladies out there we have had our share of three ways with her playing with some nice hot lesbian parts

  11. For weeks now, every Saturday and Sunday, I’ve been tuning into the PowerBlock on Spike TV. Aside from Courtney Hansen, formerly from TLC’s OverHaulin’, I’ve discovered Jessi Combs of Spike’s Xtreme 4×4. She is VERY attractive, and even more so, in my opinion, because she appears to be so REAL. While Courtney is a very attractive woman and her predecessor Danica Patrick, Jessi Combs looks cute as a button. What with her gettin’ down and dirty, workin’ on those 4wheel drive rigs and her more than visible little pot belly. She just gets me riled up to the point, I have no choice but to shut off her program. The only thing that would make her even more unapproachable is if some ‘improper photographs’ were to surface. It’d certainly make shutting off her program a little easier, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, that’s my 2cents worth. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go look up some porn.

  12. How can you NOT have a secret crush on this girl.? She is drop dead beautiful !!!! and she knows how to swing a wrench. The only that would make her perfect would be if she knew how to bait her own hook. loll

  13. Jessi is so hot,I luve her body evry time I see her on tv I get a hard on.I cant help to please myself watching her.

  14. I think this guy Rob, who claims to be jessi’s EX boyfriend, is a real asswipe loser! anyone that would say something like that on the web about her, is nothing but trash. What a fricken LOSER…I don’t believe jessi EVER knew you! what a jerk off!

  15. The odds of “Rob” being Jessi’s actual ex are low, since anyone who stumbles onto this website could say the same thing, and no one could ever easily prove or disprove it.

    However, Jessi is definitely crush material.

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