Shopping List

I find this hand-written list:

Need Kinda
Portable Bathroom Wizard and Pirate Haloween
Nun Shepard
Jousting Equipment Sheep
Female Pirate Rock Landscape, Small
Fairys Waterfall Lit Fireplace w/ accessories
Chopper Motorcycle Guinea pigs
Black and White Ghost Costumes Goose girl
Girl with rabbit
Dragon and Tiger Costumes
Cave w/ vulture

And I’m thinking, I wanna go to this party. Sounds like some kinds kinky soiree.

And then I realize it’s a shopping list of Playmobil toys that my kids wrote up.

Hmm. Not quite what I was picturing…

(Edit: Note that I’ve added more items — I missed the WHOLE OTHER SIDE of the list!)




0 thoughts on “Shopping List”

  1. Keep a copy of that list. Get the Playmobil for the kids and we’ll have an adult party while they play at grandma’s!!

    oh…*blush*…to the kid’s list? Could you add those cute sea turtles??

  2. You missed the other list. It’s even more intriguing.
    Chopper Motorcycle
    Lit Fireplace with accessories
    Girl with rabbit

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