Shoot First

My new tattoo. By Blake Brand, Polished Tattooing, San Jose, CA.




If you don’t get it, google “dl-44 heavy blaster” and “han shot first




Edit: it’s kind of amazing, this pic got picked up on, and yet I got only ONE comment. almost 800 likes and reblogs on fytattoos, you’d think SOMEONE would say hi here.

I guess anything more complicated than a ‘like’ is a think of the past. I guess I better look for a ‘like’ plugin for WP. B^)

0 thoughts on “Shoot First”

  1. OMG!

    I hate to be an ass… can I get this too!?

    So many Star Wars tattoos this is the best ever!!

    Damn i wish i had thought of it! >< haha

  2. Thanks Bob!

    That’s exactly the though I had when it came to me – I need to do that real quick before someone else turns up with it!

    I’m totally happy with it – it’s almost ready for a post-healing photo, I should have another up by next week.

        1. You know the mars rover is equipped with a 12ga. Not common knowledge but you gotta be ready for action in someone else’s hood.

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