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Just wondering if anyone has had any contact AT ALL with the Serious SIlver people who make the Clapton Skull Ring and the Keith Richards skull ring. I’ve been hearing about them failing to ship orders, and despite several attempts I’ve been unable to contact them. They make some great rings (i love my Clapton […]

Just wondering if anyone has had any contact AT ALL with the Serious SIlver people who make the Clapton Skull Ring and the Keith Richards skull ring.

I’ve been hearing about them failing to ship orders, and despite several attempts I’ve been unable to contact them. They make some great rings (i love my Clapton Skul) but it’s frustrating to hear that one of my favorite ring makes has gone completely flaky while still having a site up.

If anyone’s talked to them or knows how to get hold of them, let me know. Until I’ve got more info though, I suggest people not place any orders with them.

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  1. I know that my husband has been in contact w/ and has ordered a ring, alphabet letter custom wallet, and a real nice wallet chain. He called, spoke w/them and sent money. They told him that it all be done and he would receive it in three weeks. He spoke w/ Joyo, maybe you should try and call and let him know that you received a e-mail from Mike. I hope this can help.

  2. I also have a ring made by Serious Silver in 2002, that is the best skull ring I’ve ever purchased. I placed some orders with Serious Silver at the end of March 2006. I got a confirmation order # but have not heard from them with a status as to how long it will take. I e-mail them everyday, to the e-mail address that the confirmation # came from, and I hear nothing back. They never charged my credit card. It is very frustrating trying to do business with people who don’t care about the customer. Serious Silver must not care about the money either. Must be nice…. Good Luck!

  3. serious silver!!!! beware they stoled my design for the jolly roger flame ring I was pissed when she decided to steal it.they changed the design slightly and they made alot of money off MY DESIGN.
    I would not recommend any body having them make a custom for you THEY WILL STEAL IT!!!!!!!
    I believe that’s the reason WHY NO ONE CAN GET AHOLD OF THEM.
    no number….no e-mail…..WHY….their running from pissed off people whom they stold designs from.SHe and HIM are pathetic rip offs.
    I speak from experience.

  4. I wish I had seen these posts before placing my order with them last month I ordered something, they charged my card, said they were shipping my stuff and here I am one month later with nothing and can’t get in touch with them via their email addresses. I did contact my credit card company and they provided me with a phone number to contact them so I thought I would share it here with you all 321-279-0120. I don’t know what I am going to do to get my money back…

  5. Jeanette-

    If you get anywhere with them, PLEASE let me know. I’ve been unable to reach them, and haven’t talked to anyone lately who’s been able to reach them. I hate that they’ve got such great designs and such a bad rep.

  6. Well after many emails and unanswered phone calls, my last one threatening action if I did not hear from them in 2 business days, I finally received my merchandise from them on Saturday. The items are great (if you check out the site they are under the Dark Side the vampire skull pendant and winged vampire skull ring), it is to bad that the customer service sucks, she is such a bad shipper and terrible communicator, because her stuff really is awesome I am pleased now that I have them but after this whole experience I will NEVER order from her again and I WILL NOT be recommending her to anyone either.

    Keep on collecting! I will keep your site bookmarked to keep up on your latest!


  7. Jeanette –

    Your names makes me think of an english beat song:

    I get Jeanette
    Substitute Ronette
    She said Will you remember?
    Said I could never forget her,
    No no no I’ll never forget you.

    Anyway, i’m glad to hear you got your hear; at least they FINALLY delivered. As usual, sorry to hear about all teh pain and sad to see that they needed a threat to ship. Thanks for the update. They used to be my fave. skull ring maker, but it’s stories like the above that make me no longer link to them or order anything from them. There are so many GREAT rings out there from vendors like Tony Creed, Deadringer, Ruby Crush, and of course so many others, that there’s no reason to give business to someone who doesn’t do good business.

  8. After reading all the comments concerning SeriousSilver, I decided to order a ring from them. Has anyone out there heard of the Interstate Trade Commission? How about Internet Communications fraud? Do you know that if you send them a U.S. Postal money order and they cash it without providing the merchandise advertized, they are subject to Federal Mail Fraud charges? Get your merchandise or take action. Send them to the “Slammer”! I know thats what I’ll do in a month’s time. All it takes is a phone call!

  9. As of Sept 2007 I can tell you that is still taking orders/money and NOT responding to email or sending what you paid for. I paid them with a creditcard and as a result was reimbursed by Mastercard, but serioussilver and its owner Lionrhod can now be considered rip-offs. I’d stay away from her other company as well.

  10. That’s a total drag, marc, but totally not surprising. I’ve tried to contact them numerous times but they’re clearly stealing people’s money now, I van’t talked to anyone who’s actually gotten merchandise from them in a LONG time.

  11. I ordered a Thor’s hammer pendant in Feb. 09. As of today, May 17th,2009 I have not received my order. Further, there is no way of getting in touch with these crooks! Like an idiot, I sent them a check and now I’m stuck. I sent off a post card asking for the status of my order…nothing.
    I am going to be reporting this so called company to every Internet fraud group to let them know these people are ripping others off. They must be stopped! This is just plain wrong!

  12. Greg, yeah, i think they are. Thankfully, they were fucking rip-offs, total bastards. But I can find to trace of them now.

    I’m keeping an eye out for them, they may re-surface with different names, but the same shitty business practices.

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