5 thoughts on “Lord of the Hissy-Fit”

  1. Oh god, I needed that!

    Back in college, I wrote a series of short parodies of romance novels called “Ophelia Bolge: Debutante.” God, I wonder if I’ve got them around somewhere? I can barely recall the details — she was a rich daddy’s girl, he was the gardener with arms that looked like the were full of snakes or some such. When she saw him she said “auggggh” or something, and he gave her the Heimlich, thinking she was choking on a chicken bone.

    Good times.


  2. You remember the DIY romance novel on Orkut? Someone should revive that. I mean, any thread that includes the phrase “throbbing squirrelhood” just can’t be left to die.

  3. Hey y’all,

    Did a cover of my own — sent it to this Longmire fellow, and also posted it to my blog here.

    Let me know whatcha think — Karl, feel free to think that you inspired the kilt content….


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