Is there any other bond?

What James Bond Actor are You You are Sean Connery.Take this quiz!

What James Bond Actor are You

You are Sean Connery.
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14 thoughts on “Is there any other bond?”

  1. Well, if I were a man, I’d be Pierce Brosnan. Mmmmm hmmmm. I like that.

    However, I much prefer being a woman…..I wanna be a Bond woman.

  2. I came out Sean Connery, too, though in truth I’m not a big Bond film geek, so aside from Connery and Moore, I don’t even know much about what the others were like. But I guess if I had to wish for a result, I’d wish for Connery. All the others seen in trailers and such seemed wussy by comparison.

    But more appropriately gender-wise, according to this quiz, “You are Solitare — mystical and irresistable. You’re gifted with amazing intuition, which allows you to find the right course in life. People often ask for your advice and guidance.”

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Live and Let Die,” so I have no idea if she’s a cool Bond girl, but I dig that she’s a brunette.

  3. Well now,since the ‘Faces’ are my fav’rite band,I’d have ta say that chic(now wot was her name)who crawled outta the water in Dr. No. Ursula Andres?My brain ‘aint working to well at the mo,but i’m sure Rod boned/married her…help me out here ya’all

  4. Well, any time I get compared to any version of Diana Rigg, I’ll take it.

    Unless you mean I’m the kind of girl likely to get killed in a drive-by on my wedding day, in which case I won’t take it, thank you very much. 😛

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