in the tiki-tiki-tiki-tiki-tiki room

Here’s what I got yesterday. The shark, above the elbow, is older; so is the lighter gray work, below (the new ink will fade to that same color after healing.) More pictures after the cut. (click pictures for bigger view) <

Here’s what I got yesterday.

The shark, above the elbow, is older; so is the lighter gray work, below (the new ink will fade to that same color after healing.)

More pictures after the cut.


(click pictures for bigger view)


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  1. Sweeeeeeeeet! He did a REALLY good job. And I like the way it’s all part of the same puzzle, so to speak, so that it looks like a full sleeve of the forearm rather than different pieces.

  2. DN, that’s why I needed the right person. The woman who did the rest of the arm is great, but tends to work on paper, very carefully. Het design work is amazing, but there’s a point where she isn’t comfortable, and that’s free-handing. When I decided I wanted to fill the rest of the arm, I knew I needed and artist who worked that way.

    Orly drew on only vague shapes for spacing and alignment, and then filled in details, not trying to be overly precise. This kind of work has to be done that way; it’s a primitive art form, very natural; it works best (this marquesan style) when it’s not overly composed, overly thought out.

    To full a space between other tattoos this way, the artist needs to understand the form, be respectful of the details he’s working around, but not be afraid to do it his own way. He mirrored and echoed element of the existing work without directly copying anything. While it’s clearly enough artist, it’s also a cohesive whole.

    It worked out even better than I’d hoped.

    Orly also does traditional hand-tap style tattoo; I’m going to talk to him about getting a piece that way.

  3. I’m with Miss Syl. I’d like a full body shot to highlight the new work.

    Oh, wait. We might be talking about different kinds of photos here.


    It’s beautiful. It blends in naturally with your other work. Looks like it totally belongs there.

    I’ve seen hand tapping being done and it looks fascinating. I’d be interested to hear what you think about it if you do it.

    Nice work.


  4. Damn. The tattoo is hot and Orly did a fantastic job. It really does all blend together.

    Comments are nice and spicy too.. Noticed you didn’t answer Miss Syl about how much *did* you get! And I’m going to second her vote for a full body shot of all your tattoo’s. It’s been a while no doubt…

    As for lickable… That just sends evil thoughts my way. Do you want to be licked on that new tattoo or somewhere else?

  5. I like it. A lot. I love the eyes, just love them. Are they sleeping, or grinning, or just busy sort of *smugly* knowing all?


    Showed the pictures to a few of the women at work on Friday, a couple of my artists and the woman who heads up my web team.

    You were properly oohed and aahed over, and one of them said, “what is it about a man with tattoos”, and everyone nodded. (Wonder where the smug comes from?)

    Then we drifted from you to the art, especially the eyes. It was all fun because it led into a fifteen minute conversation, away from *work*, and into different art forms, visual expression through the ages and all kinds of cool stuff that had nothing to do with any of the actual tasks at hand.

    Yeah, I like the new ink. Thanks for sharing it.

    hugs, E

  6. I keep coming back and looking at it, and coming back and looking at it, and I can’t think of anything to say. Your own comment said it best: You needed to find the right person for that kind of work because you can imagine what the arm was like before they started and what they had to work with. I’d maybe add to that they they had to have some kind of sense of essential Karl-ness.

    Orly is a fucking genius. Your arm is so quintessentially Karl you could have been born that way. Congrats and thanks for showing it to us.

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