0 thoughts on “I’m Your Plaything”

  1. That’s five, five, five. Five bloggers so far I have snared into my evil Lego Web. You *know* how happy that makes me.

    You look fabulous, even better than Lego Stephen Hawking.

    You’re wearing a kilt! And I swear that’s *my* name on your right bicep.

    Parking lot is the perfect touch, in that macabre sort of way you have.

    hugs, E

  2. That’s damned awesome. Cracked me up. Legos’s with something closer to a snarl than a smile. And tattoo’s and skulls. Not your usual Lego kit!

    Elizabeth. Count 6. Just give me a bit!

  3. Okay, I’ve had enough of the silent Lego imitation. Bring back the real, live boy, please.

    I had blocks, but now I’m free, there are no blocks on me!

  4. i’m back!!it’s uncle joe-send me you’re e-mail add. so i can send in my latest ”deadringer”-you last posted my ”creed” skull with the crossed bones.-later c.elvis–joe”ski”

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