HNT undersea rear view

I have not done an HNT post in a LONG time. And since I spent a futile hour last night trying to blog something and failed, I figure, when words fail, post pictures or song lyrics.

Thus – Happy underwater HNT; snorkeling near Pu’uhonua o Honaunau

Hnt Rear View-1
(click to see full size)

This was taken about an hour before the event described here. And it may be the last time i post a pic of my back mostly tattoo-free.

11 thoughts on “HNT undersea rear view”

  1. I have dive envy. SIGH. Beautiful back, KE. HHNT 😉
    And you had BETTER give pictures when it’s done. And if I am a good tattooist, I fully expect to color SOME portion of your body SOMETIME 😉

  2. you yuppie.
    you pretender.
    you wannabe.

    your kind make me sick.
    with your fake image,and
    your yuppie pay checks.

  3. That back cries out for ink.

    BTW, are you doing something with your templates? Your columns are all dicked up in Firefox on XP.

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