Happy Birthday to Me

Someone on another blog pointed out the significance of today’s date.

The trouble with a birthday on a wednesday is that it limits the amout of trouble I can get in somewhat. Wednesday is not the ideal day to celebrate anything.

Still – lift one for me wherever you may be.


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  1. the other thing about wednesdays is that silly little name they give it ’cause it falls in the middle of the week…. what is it….think think think…
    oh yeah.

  2. Happy birthday to youuuuu
    Happy birthdayyyy tooo youuuu
    Happy birthdayyyy tooo youuuuu, Kärrrrrl Elllllllviiisss,
    Happy birthdayyy tooo youuuuuuu!

    (Now imagine me jumping out of a giant cake and rolling around in the frosting.)

    chelsea g

  3. I’m late on purpose — i don’t like to run with the pack.

    (That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Dammit.)

    Happy, happy birthday Karl… hope you had a great day/night, despite the Wednesday thing. Personally, i like birthdays on a Wednesday. I see it as starting the weekend early. And why not?

    Many hugs and kisses,
    Juno x

  4. I missed it?! Well that’s a damn shame; I’ll have to find a way to make that up to you. And how the hell did I ever miss that you’re a Sag? Damn that explains a lot…

    Btw, Wednesdays are the perfect days for getting in trouble; Friday has nothing on Wednesday. You just gotta be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. I’m willing to back this up.

    Happy (yesterday)Birthday, Karl dahlink. *smooch*

  5. Hrm. Ordinarily, when I hear anyone complaining about their birthday falling on a lame day, I’d respond by complaining about the close proximity of my own birthday with Thanksgiving.

    But…you know all about that, too.

    That said, I get screwed that way next year….and you get to wait all the way to 2013 before you have to suffer through another birthday-banquet! Piker. 🙂


  6. Oh I’m really late. But maybe this comment is catching you as you emerge from a post-birthday-weekend celebration?

    I’m trying to type softly.

    Happy B’day Bad Daddy. I lurves you.

  7. Happy Birthday Bad Daddy. A year later… but not forgotten. Not likely- not with your own personal style!

    Hope this year settles down more peacefully for you, and you plan a few tattoos and a few vacations!

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