Half-nekkid Piercings

Let’s hear it for Half-Nekkid Thursday. My Right Nipple. You only get one nipple today because it’s half-nekkid, not wholly nekkid. You know, I was thinking about this earlier when I was talking to the very lovely and extremely talented chelsea girl, about when I got various tattoos and piercings. And I realize that the […]

Let’s hear it for Half-Nekkid Thursday. HNT_1

My Right Nipple. You only get one nipple today because it’s half-nekkid, not wholly nekkid.

Hnt Nipple Bw

You know, I was thinking about this earlier when I was talking to the very lovely and extremely talented chelsea girl, about when I got various tattoos and piercings. And I realize that the first ear piercing I ever got is thirty years old this year. And thus, a bonus HNT pic to go with my right nipple – here’s my left ear.

Ear Bw

I was fourteen when I got my ear pierced for the first time. Not that big a deal for today’s youth I guess, but this was in 1976. Only one boy I knew had his ear pierced, and he was a hippy kid who lived in a winnebago with his mom, a stoned-out hippy artist. I can’t recall the kid’s name or the mom’s name, but the winnebago was called “The elephant”.

So when I decided at fourteen that i really, really wanted my ear pierced (inspired in part by kirk douglas in 20,000 leagues under the sea, but more by a scene in Deryni Rising by Katherine Kurtz in which the young king has his ear pierced as part of a magical ritual to unlease his latent powers), it wasn’t easy to find a place to do it – this was before the days of piercing pagoda at your local mall. And when my mother (who did not understand my urge to punch a hole in my ear but went with me anyway) took me to a local jewelry shop, the creepy old lady who pierced my ear looked like she was just about ready to refuse. She’d never done a male ear and seemed to deeply disapprove of the whole idea. She charged for two piercings even though I only got one, and honestly I think her disapproval did more to win mom over to my side than anything else about the experience.

I’ve had seven more ear piercings since then, and still have a total of six including that first. I’ve pierced nipples, penis, scrotum, with varying degrees of success. I’ve pierced my ear to show someone it didn’t hurt, to commemorate a particularly memorable trip (my first trip to london), and sometimes just for the fuck of it. None of the piercings have really been planned, they’re all whim items that just sort of happen.

Sometimes you just have to poke a hole in yourself. And every once in a while, I meet someone who just understands that.

12 thoughts on “Half-nekkid Piercings”

  1. Thanks. But your pictures come with personal anecdotes and interesting reflections. And for a nipple/ear combo, not too shabby. I was impressed, anyway.

    I had a comment and link for your mac/intel post lying around, but I’m way too late. I’ll just post it as an entry in my own blog, now, and link you.

    I have strongly ambivalent feelings about both tatoos and piercings that seem to be getting stronger over time. On the one hand, I want to preserve my obviously perfect body as is (repressed leftover catholicism?). On the other, factors like self expression and the delicious thought of a certain kind of pain come into play. And then as well, piercing has all that Primal, tribal, animalistic stuff going for it. In my brain, anyway.

    These are great pics. Thanks for sharing. Happy HNT.

  2. I’m intrigued by piercings, but am not able to indulge because:

    -I have insane metal allergies
    -I have an insane lack of coordination. I’m *sure* any sort of ring dangling from my body will get caught in the nearest machinery.

    Pardon the self-promotion, but as threatened: Pube Protest Thursday.

  3. NIPPLE! We have nipple. Thank you, Karl Elvis 🙂 When I get mine pierced (have to call for the appt. still…but this month, definitely) I’ll be posting mine as well.
    But beautiful.
    Very beautiful.
    Nibbly nipple.

  4. I had an ear pierced to commemerate… er … something. I’ll not say what. But it was meaningful for me. Very. The pain helped me to remember.

    You have a really luscious nipple.

  5. Buck, I can’t seem to just do things with pictures. I’m a words guy. Or, you know, a non-verbal hands/teeth/snarling kind of guy, but that doesn’t work in a blog as well as it does in a bed. Or against a wall. Or in the back seat of a car.

    For the tattoo thing, despite what foolish popular culture would have you believe, they’re not for everyone. They’ve become a temporary fashion trend. That will go away over time and tattoo removal shops will make bank. And they will either go back to what they were, or they’ll be something new again in some way I can’t predict.

    They were and are and will be both the mark of the outsider and of belonging. And no matter how much one follows a trend, they are the ultimately personal statement.

    Not everyone feels the need to mark the skin, not everyone feels comfortable choosing a permenant mark. Some day you may create or imagine or happen upon an image that says make me part of you and you will either listen to it or not. But don’t let anything – wanting to belong, wanting not to belong, wanting to follow or not follow a trend – sway what you do to your body.

    Piercing is an entirely different thing. Piercing is, at it’s most basic core, temporary. You could take a needle now and slide it through your skin and experience the pain and have it gone a moment later. You could pierce some part of your body and wear it for a year and, while it might leave some mark behind, it will still be gone in effect, and like as not, will heal leaving little trace and no hole.

    It’s a stange and powerful experience, choosing pain, seeing a needle someplace in your body is very deeply does not belong. The sensation is intense, but more so is the feeling of power from not fearing. I don’t suggest that everyone do it, but I do very much suggest that you do it. It need not be permenant, but the experience is unique.

    Hiromi, there are metals you could try, and you know, a gold ring would sparkle so prettily in your pubic hair. I do understand the whacking problem though, I have inded done that too many times, and heard some very good stories. I might sometime tell about the one that tore out.

    DN, AAG, please, apply oral attention. Most welcome.

  6. That was so sweet of your mom to go with you!
    My brother really wants to pierce his ears too, but dad won’t let him. I tried asking my dad why he was being so sexist, but he only responded “well I didn’t want you to get your ears pierced either!”. So now my brother has to wait until he is 18.
    the end.

    Also, Very lovely nipple you’ve got there! ^_^

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