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You know, there are a number of reasons to check one’s hit logs.


You know, there are a number of reasons to check one’s hit logs. See if traffic’s up or down, see if hits are coming from some other web site that’s linked to me (Thanks Ang, I got mad hits from coolios); see which old entries are getting hit.

But one of the very best things is to see the weird random googlings that lead you all to me.

I get an absolute shitload, for instance, of hits on fucking ‘taco flavored kisses‘ because I once quoted that stupid south park song in an entry about taco flavored cheese (ick). I get hits and hits and hits from searches on the tasty Jessi Combs. I get hits on jazz stuff, on peanut butter fudge recipes, on the phrase “Trample Me

And I get hits daily on the phrase “Skull Ring“.

But the funny stuff isn’t the stuff I’ve specifically blogged about. For some reason, I get hits at least weekly on the phrase “Daddy fucks me” or some variant; “daddy fuck me hard“, “fuck me so hard it hurts“. “fuck me kitten” showed up today. And every time I see one of these in my logs, I get this stupid grin on my face.

I really should capture these on an ongoing basis somewhere, build a page out of them automatically. It’d make an excellent geek project.

Edit: I just got another one, for, get this, girls sticking live fish up there (sic) pussies.

And I wanna ask, who are you, who’s googling that?

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