FXDB rolling again

My FXDB Street Bob has been down for a couple of months; shortly before the holidays, the shifter arm broke loose.

This wasn’t your usual ‘harleys suck’ problem, this was all operator error; I fucked up the shifter spline when I was trying to adjust the shifter a few months back, and my kludge job finally failed.

The moral is, don’t force it, and don’t do the job if you don’t have the right tools. Yeah, yeah, I know.

Sunday night I looked at the weather report, and found that, unlike most of the country, here in northern CA we’re experiencing lovely spring weather; highs in the seventies this week. It occurred to me monday morning, just exactly how pissed I’d be if the weather tunred perfect and my ride was down; so I gave in, had the steed towed in, and a day later had it running again.

Warrantees are a good thing.


(Pic taken with iPhone 5, processed with instagram,

and then processed more with aperture.)

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  1. Ya I’m done with the HD bashing… we could argue back and forth, toss stats at each other and dig up dirt ’till none of the manufacturers sound good. The perfect bike is the perfect bike for the person sitting in the seat and that is all. That sums it up nicely. I already have a life and don’t need to buy a lifestyle and hate to think the brand of bike I choose to ride would make a difference either way. Don’t think it won’t. All the manufacturers have caught on to the Harley lifestyle awareness and are working hard at maintaining their owner base through brand recognition. With 2 duc shops in town, a week doesn’t go by that I don’t get an invite to something Ducati related here in Calgary. I can choose to participate or not. Don’t get me started on BMW riders! As well I can point out some CBX owners that for some unknown reason maintain and ride their 28 year old scoots. Then there’s those Laverda riders out in Vernon. ..and the KLR gang out of Nelson. Ever been to a Goldwing rally? Lifestyle by bike choice abounds! If you are an active participant in the sport of motorcycling I think you’ll find you can weather any BS flung at you by others. IF you decide to make the Harley purchase, make sure you post some pics on here so we can oooo and ahhh. You find most of the participants on the CC forum to be enthusiasts and not really caring what you ride. If you could get that cheerleader into some tight leathers, maybe on her own bike…. now we’d be jealous.

    1. You know, I think the above comment is actually a rather excellent spam, but I’ll leave it.

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