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&t My friend Julian Lamb (Jeweler to the Queen) was kind and generous enough to send me a ring, the better to show off the quality of his work, from his shop, Ruby Crush. And when I say quality, I mean it, he ain’t fuckin’ around. A truly lovely thing it is – click the […]


My friend Julian Lamb (Jeweler to the Queen) was kind and generous enough to send me a ring, the better to show off the quality of his work, from his shop, Ruby Crush. And when I say quality, I mean it, he ain’t fuckin’ around.

A truly lovely thing it is – click the images for a bigger view.

This is the last time you’ll see this thing so shiny; soon it’ll take on the look of hard livin’ like the rest of ’em.


Julian’s site is short on pictures – the ring I have, the jawless skull, isn’t shown; only a gape-jawed lunatic skull that’s pretty cool (Particularly in gold). But I like this one much better than the jawed version. He’s got some decent other stuff stuff (crosses and Fleur De Lis, which I can sorta see Brutha Ray wearing but which are not me), and a couple of utterly bizzaro pieces, a Jimi Hendrix ring and an Elvis ring; both of which I’d love to own but can’t imagine actually wearing, they’re so over-the-top (though actually I’d rather see one of sunglasses-and-mutton-chops 70’s elvis). I’d love to see these in person, they’re awesome work in the photos, the Jimi one particularly.

I have the feeling, though, that Julian, like many jewelers, has a LOT more work that’s not on the site; I’m hoping he’ll get a good gallery up that shows the full range.

This ring Julian sent me is lovely; smaller and a bit more elegant that my other rings, it’s more keith-richards looking that the others. It’s simple, classic, well made without a lot of fuss.

You can’t really see in Julian’s pictures, but this has a lighter, thinner band than my other skulls, so the fit is different. I ordered a size 13 to fit my index finger, basing it on how other rings fit, but with the thinner band I could have gone a 12.5 or even 12. The band is thick, but not wide, so it’s still a substantial piece of silver.

This is a really good ring for a smaller hand, or a smaller finger (though it’s no delicate thing; it’s just a bit smaller than my others.) This is the most elegant skull ring I own.

More pictures below the cut.


The full fist – left to right, my buddy Tony Creed on the pinky (Dammit Tony, I gotta get another piece from you, I need start saving my pennies), that silver company I won’t link to* on the ring finger, Dead Ringer (I love you guys, I wish I could buy more), on the middle finger, and the new one on the index finger.

That’s one hand done, though in fact I don’t wear ’em like this. I think I need some sorta cool rack to display these on. I’ve got a new ring coming (soon) from a co-worker’s shop, Sinners Inc, and I’m still hoping to lay hands on a CrazyPig ring.

And of course, anyone out there I don’t know about, I’d love to have a sample to review. Talk to me, bruthas.

*if you want more on that un-named shop, I’ll fill you in – they made my clapton skull, but they have a horrible rep for ripping people off and I can’t in good conscience point a link their way ’til they start actually delivering good and answering email.

30 thoughts on “Fist fulla Crush”

  1. Oh, damn, Karl… Those are SPLENDID all together like that. And I just popped about 40 designs for a display rack in my head. Damn. Ok. How many rings (ultimately) would you like the rack to hold?
    And those are just gorgeous-make-me-drool beautiful, hon.

  2. I finally got my CP skull ring, the “Large Evil Skull.” A very hefty sized ring, priced more than what I wanted to pay for one, but very nice.

    Are you particular about price…or do you think price=quality? One place I’ve previously ordered stuff from and pretty satistifed with is with Patrice at Silver Knuckle.

    I was thinking of working up some ring reviews, but I think I may be too (nit)picky and notice things like blemishes and creases in the metal and finish of the rings.

  3. Christ almighty, is it wrong that your fingers totally turn me on?

    (You don’t need to publish this…I’m going to go fan myself off now.)


  4. The fleur de lis is quite fine, but I’m not a ring person. I’m too fidgety. I can barely manage to keep my wedding ring on.

  5. Have you seen any skull rings that wouldn’t look oversized on a female finger? I remember finding one–mentioned in Lucky Magazine and made in New Jersey–made for chicks, but I lost the addy.

    Whaddaya know, Daddy-ö?

  6. Hey Karl,

    Enjoying your website on the skull rings, and being another aficionado of skulls, thought I would pass this one along. I ran across it on eBay by a maker up in Kirkland, Washington by the name of Richard McCallum @ Full Moon Jewelry. He does some smaller skulls on his website, but does this monster as a limited edition work, tipping the scales at over 2 ounces (size 12). It’s a single jaw on the style of the KR ring, only alot more 3-D and massive. I have one ordered direct from Richard that should be here in a couple of days, and will try to send along more pics when it arrives.

    Here is a link to his eBay auction on the piece with a couple of pics. Workmanship looks awsome compared to alot of the trinket shit floating around out there.

    Thanks again for the website. Great links to some top-quality skulls…….


  7. Wow, Ralph, that’s a nice ring. Looks like a beast though it’s hard to tell. I’ll look at Richard’s site.

  8. Jason, I’d suggest emailing them at They don’t have an on-line shopping setup yet but they were really helpful. They also have a phone number listed on thier site, 07717 502036 (which doesn’t look like a phone number to these american eyes but what do I know).

  9. Well Karl,

    After a round trip through galactic cyberspace looking at every imaginable skull ring in existance (I’m sure I missed a few), I will still agree with you on the DeadRinger Classic being the most realistic looking skull ring in creation. That thing is just awsome in it’s scale and detail. Everything else I’ve looked at falls into what I would consider “stylized interpretations of reality”… haha. GOTTA GET ME ONE OF THOSE !!!!!……. (how much in gold ?)

    First, second, third runner-up (Miss Congeniality or whatever)goes to…

    I also liked the Full Moon piece linked above, and have it on order. Something about the large and chunky rings that I really like, as long as they aren’t too far over the edge and don’t cause buoyancy concerns when I get thrown in the river. Liked the Psycho Killer from Crazy Pig for some reason, just has that certain touch of …. um …. “class” ?? Mean, wicked, cool, rad, bitchin, boss, whatever.

    First time I looked at the BWL skulls I thought of the Stephen King movie “IT”…..they looked more like clowns than skulls. But the damn things just grew on me. You could spend all day taking in all the grafitti on the Master, and that “Nomad” is cool too. But the horny thing is a little much for my blood. The Grafitti Master is probably next on the list after the DeadRinger Classic.

    Keep up the great blog…….


  10. Just too many choices ain’t there Ralph? I’m thinkin’ of cashing out all my stock and putting the whole shebang in silver. B^)

    I love bill wall, but his prices are so fuckin’ LA. He’s got a dozen pieces I’d buy if they were 1/2 the price. He and Travis Walker both have the names, and they charge for the names.

    Bu if ya got the money for Bill’s stuff, it does rock.

    I also love the Full Moon Keith Richards ring. I’m drooling over it in fact. I want to see if ha can make one that says Elvis on the forehead in gothic letters. But I’m short on dough and I dunno if he does that sorta work anyhow. But damn, it’s a good ring.

    As with tattoos, too many on the list, too few dollars in the wallet, I keep needing to think, which one next.

    It’s be easier of I was in LA where a lotta these cats are in the local shops, I could review ’em without actually getting my hands on and my fingers in them.

  11. There’s alot of forehead on that Full Moon ring to add grafitti or most anything else. I’d bet Richard could do the job….. he’s a real artist and down-to-earth on his prices. I really like the “clean” look of the BIG KR ring, and it will take a lifetime to wear out that monster shank.

    BTW, answered my own question on the Dead Ringer Classic in gold…. eMailed Mark…. and he quoted $2450 U.S. in 18 Karat. Damn, that ain’t much more than a SILVER BWL with (fake) stones !!!! So much for my next paycheck…..


  12. I can’t wait to see a pic of that gold deadringer, Ralph. And I hope you told ’em I sent you!

    Those guys rule.

  13. Karl,

    I’ll forward some pics when it arrives. This thing must be larger than I realize, because Mark says the 18K heavyweight version finishes out at around 75 grams. Hell, that’s more gold than there is in a Rolex President’s watch band…… in just one ring !


  14. Tried to look up SeriousSilver tonight, and only found this message…..

    “This domain name expired on 06/09/2006 and is pending renewal or deletion.”

    Oh well, that’s the shits.

    Thought I would pass along though, that I got a long eMail from Richard McCallum (Full Moon Jewelry) this afternoon, and among other things, he said he’s finishing up a “very accurate” model of Keith Richards’ skull ring modeled using 15 different individual photographs of Keith wearing his famous ring.

    Maybe next thing we need to do is get him to work on the Clapton ring, eh Karl ? Richard would be the man to fill the bill…….

    Got the Full Moon “King Skull” in the mail this morning, and this thing is a CHUNK ! Weighs out at 75 grams on the dot. That’s alot of ring in sterling silver ! Found out today that the one he sent me is the first cast made directly from the original wax, and the one then used to make up his rubber wax mold. First skull ring I’ve worn in 30 years, and it’s a real “original”. Thought that was cool as hell.


  15. Yeah, Ralph, looks like lionrhod let the serious silver domain expire. I wish I could buy the ring mold for her best pieces, but I doubt it’d happen. Some really good stuff, but i guess she’s no business person.

    I’ll have to talk to Richard at full moon – I’m really likin’ that big-ass king ring though it might be just too damned much ring. I’d love to see one for sure. And yes, i agree, McCallum could make a clapton ring, though I’ve been unable to find many good pix of Clapton’s ring. If he makes one I’d sure like to see it, and if he makes a perfect Keith ring, I’m sure to want it.

    And yeah there’s nothing like wearing an original, that’s why I love Tony’s rings. One of a fuckin’ kind.

  16. First time I looked at the King Skull, I thought 200 bucks was a bit much. But after seeing it in person, it’s a bargain compared to most other skulls on the market. Looking at maybe getting one of these in 14K or 18K too….. it’s just that cool. But 18K would weigh over 3 1/2 troy ounces or 111 grams. Talk about the “King of Skulls”……. whew ! But man, that would be awsome.


  17. Hey brutha, send me pictures. I’m gonna start posting pix of my friends skull rings as well as my own, soon as I get my skullring site up and going.

  18. SKULL RING SITE ?? Tell me more. Sounds like a great idea. Links to all the better sources, models, pics, designers, etc. I’ll get some pics of the King Skull to you tonight after work, and the 18K DR Heavy Metal Classic when it comes in. Would be cool to get some shop pics from Richard or Mark and Steve to show the modeling, waxing,
    casting, and finishing process that these go through. It’s interesting, and most people don’t have any idea of all the work involved in designing, producing, and finishing a true quality piece. I’m really getting the itch to just start a collection of pieces from all of the major shops, Dead Ringer, Full Moon, BWL, Tony Creed, Crazy Pig, etc…… Maybe not everything in their lines, but one good example from each. A website showing pics of “everything” out there would be cool too. Kinda like a universal skull ring shopping catalog.


  19. Yeah, that’s what I’m goin’ for, one from each major vendor eventually, and meantime, a personal review for each from someone who has one.

    The site’s not set up yet, though the domain – – exists.

  20. Hey, it looks like is back on line. I dunno if that means they’re actually back in business or not, and the site has some stuff broken (links not working, contact foms broken).

    I just send email to lionrhod to see if they’d got any of the issues resolved. I know they pissed off a number of customers, though the one thing *I* ordered from them, I got, if after a big delay. And it’s a very nice ring. So we’ll see…

  21. This blog has become my main reference in my search for my first skull ring, thanks for keeping it going. Great line up you have. I’m stuck between the uniqueness of the Creed, the perfection of the Deadringer classic, and the glare coming off the Crazy Pig. How much do the Creeds run?

    There’s a guy in Osaka, “Dice,” who has an ebay shop, who’s stuff looks good in the photos. He’s another one obsessed with Keith Richards:

    I’ve been wondering lately if Eric Clapton’s ring is Bill Wall’s Master Skull ring. A lot of the Clapton ring clones seem to take after it.

  22. Carlos-

    I try; I’m hoping to get some more samples to review, like from Dave’s Custom and some others. I’d like to be able to flog some of these but until I get my hands on ’em I can’t REALLY speak to the full value. I also have two new Ruby Crush rings to review but I’ve not had time to write it up.

    As to Tony’s prices, here’s what he’s got on his mySpace profile (I have the riffman and want a destinyman):

    Riffman $200
    Monkeyman $300
    Destinyman $300
    Large Half Skull $500
    Large Boneman $500
    “prices include initials (2 letters). I charge $25 a letter for additional engraving. Carving crosses, hearts, or whatever, on the head o skull rings, links of bracletes, whatever is usually $50-100, depending on how complicated.”

    I think Tony’s work is fuckin’ brilliant, and I’m dying for another one from him; but you know, I just can’t justify it until I’ve filled in a couple other holes in my collection like a CrazyPig.

    Clapton’s ring is supposed to be a Travis Walker; I think Billy Gibbons also sports one of TW’s.

    And that dice guy – I took the link off, sorry, but those are knock-offs of CrazyPig. They do look nice but you know, that’s stealing.

  23. ‘Your pardon on the Dice rings. You might want to just scoop out that whole paragraph.

    For awhile I’ve been thinking I should get one of the smaller more subtle rings like Dave’s Customs jawless ring (I like the jawless look more), or this new Ruby Crush ring of yours. I dress pretty quietly, look fairly “normal” and I thought it would fit better. But that is BS: I want a big, pissed-off looking skull ring. Something that looks like it came back from hell to get revenge. Let ’em wonder.

  24. See, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. You want it to say fuck off everyone and everyting. That’s what the whole skull ring thing is about in a nutshell.

    Here’s the new one I just got from Julian at Ruby Crush –

    But you know there are a lotta way angry skulls out there; it’s just a question of which ones speaks to ya. My problem is, they almost ALL speak to me!

  25. Yeah, it looks like it will be the CP Large Evil Skull. For a lot of people Keith Richards is their skull ring icon, for some other Eric Clapton. For me it’s Cliff Burton of Metallica – actually James Hetfield wearing Cliff’s skull ring after he died.

    I ordered a set of jewellers’ wide band finger gauges for ring sizing. Maybe a little obsessive to own one, but for $15 you can size all your fingers accurately (to the half-size).

  26. hello,I collect skull rings also.what`s the best looking anatomical one out there?write back please,I own all the high end skull rings.I got one in gold worth 1200.00

  27. Hey to all fellow freaks!
    I thought I was one of a very few when I was bitten by the skull ring bug -and I’m not talking a little insect sized sting. I mean a vicious rabid beast that never lets go. But I see there are many of you with more on the way.

    Growing up in Europe my first skull ring was an authentic SS ring from my grandfather had come across -it’s a long story for another post. Ever since I’ve always been fascinated with silver skull rings.

    I understand the fascination with Keith Richards’ ring and persona but do not regard his as the first skull ring by any means. People have worn skulls on their jewelry/rings for a much longer time than Keith has since 1978.

    Someday my eternal as of now quest for the perfect skull ring will end and hopefully I’ll have it on my finger by then.

  28. VanillaGorilla-

    Wow, I envy the SS ring. I don’t know that I could actually wear one of those on a daily basis, but what an item for a collection. It was actually an ‘Anti Partisan Honor Ring’ that I saw at memorabilia dealer’s booth when I was a kid that first made me want a skull ring of some sort. If I ever find at a price I can afford, I’d love to add one t my collection.

    As to Keith – he certainly didn’t invent the death head ring. What he did – thanks to my friends Courts and Hackett – was to popularize the style among guitar players. Look at the others – billy gibbons, eric clapton, james hetfield, cliff burton – and they all come after Keith’s adoption of the death head ring. His ring is seen as a sort of holy grail because it begat a fashion in rock music, and because it defined a look and feel other people have been copying for years.

    Obviously, jewelry has been decorated (or made from) bones since the very first people began to make jewelry. New ideas, they’re pretty rare these days.

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