Finding like minds in the blogosphere

As I resume this whole thing after a long hiatus (Really. Fucking. Long), i’m trying to figure out ways to find those individuals (like Bacchus at ErosBlog) who never stopped, or people who are new (ish) and have something to say that I like.

In the old days, the best way to promote one’s blog was to coment on others, which we collectively would all do to builds a circle of cross-links.

Thats’ not working as well now, I rather think, because people tend not to comment that much; they are, however, clicking like buttons, and finding other WP blogs via things like wordpress itself (wordpress reader seems to facilitate this rather well).

So i’ve installed a like button, and ask you to please give that motherfucker a poke if you could be so kind. It’s at the end of each post (but you gotta click post title to get to the comments/link/share buttons).

Meanwhile, the reason i’m posting this is because I just found a blog I really dig:

There’s no about, no info about the author at all, but what there is, is some erotic poetry i’m finding inspirational (I suck at poetry, but reading journeychase just made write out a thought in a vague verse like form, which is more than i’ve done in probably 15 years; i’m not posting it, because it’s almost certainly crap, but, the person I was thinking about when I wrote it may get a look at it later.

In any case, props to the writer for being inspiring.

Anyone who’s known me more than about 15 minutes knows i’m utterly filthy and love anything erotic; my writing is mostly of the bent. Finding other writers who share that is one of the things i’m after.

An excerpt from Spread me open

I know if you
ran your hands
up my stockings
the world
would stop turning
for just one moment

Click links above to get more. That’s just a taste.

8 thoughts on “Finding like minds in the blogosphere”

  1. Wow, am I surprised to see this! Thank you so very much for this! Fuck, that is just so incredible that you enjoyed my work! I can’t thank you enough! I’m so glad we’re sharing some of this creative space. I’m glad you pointed out that there isn’t much info about me on my page. I should give you all something at least! I would be interested in reading what you wrote, but understand about you not posting it, definitely understand that! Thank you again!

    1. Journey, hopefully you’ll see this, I dunno how modern WP flags replies to other commenters (I should go figure that out). In any case, I dunno if the short thing I wrote this afternoon (literally while lying on the floor in between sets of dumbbell chest presses) will ever get shared, but if it does, you’ll get it.

      But a little of my prose (erotica) is linked at top of my site if you wanna see what I do with more confidence. There’s a shorter piece as well as my novella.

        1. This pleases me enormously. Thank you. I’m still delving into an archive of writing that hasn’t been in public forever, so hopefully will post more of that soon.

          Meanwhile you already know how some of your work impacted me.

          1. Followed a ‘like’ from that acct. I’m glad I stumbled onto you a second time.

            You have my contact info from my comments, if you ever wanna talk writing, feel free to use it.

          2. I’m not 100% sure I do have your contact information but you definitely have mine (I believe your comment section asks for it) so, feel free 🙂

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