Comcast 1, SBC 0

So the Comcast installer-guy showed up right smack in teh middle of the assigned window, and it was a two hour window, so that ain’t bad. Points so far.

So the Comcast installer-guy showed up right smack in the middle of the assigned window, and it was a two hour window, so that ain’t bad. Points so far.

And yeah, no problem, I can tap into the cable line I already have so I don’t have to run a whole new line under the house — a big pain, the way my house is laid out.

Only — oops. The cable line in the bedroom? Totally non-functional. God knows how long ago that went south, I don’t think I’ve used that TV in a year.

So a quick plug, configure and go is now starting to look like an all-day job for this guy.

And the guy looks way too much like CT from Real World Paris, only not then, now, like he looks in the Inferno show.

Um. Did I just admit to watching that shit?

Anyway, I keep expecting the installer to blow up and start screaming and swearing like CT does. It’s not helping.

This guy tries everything he can think of to get a line working, and for some reason I have five cable lines going into my house, despite the fact that I have only one of them working (Split between two TiVos and a straight-line into my teevee all in one rack). Where do the other five go? I dunno, I’ve lived here since ’81. I can’t so much recall.

So, he’s gotta go under.

Now, my house was built in the thirties, so there’s plenty of good stuff down there. Nearly a hundred years of dry dust, cobwebs that are pretty amazing, I’m sure a few friendly vermin, and for all I know, what’s left of the family of skunks who moved in a few years back. Not to mention a whole flock of heating ducts (oh, I’ve wanted to use that joke for years). AND, since 1/2 the house is original and 1/2 is new construction, there’s basically no way through between the two crawl spaces, just a few ports to run wires and ducts. So you gotta go under on one side, then go under on the other.

This is why I pay other people to do this sort of thing. Way too much trouble for the likes of me.

He got here at two PM, and he’s still rattling around under my floor now at almost five, causing a dust storm and sounding like the world’s biggest rat under my feet.

And the guy hasn’t yet complained.

Ok, 5:20, and they’re done, and I have at least double the speed I had with DSL. Now if I can just get airport working…

6-ish, and yeah airport works, and I’ve got a couple computers on line. Not bad for just over 24 hours from fuck you SBC
to back on line. This isn’t the same comcast I dealt with before, not at all.

Now all I need is my VPN box back from Apple’s networking guys, and I’m back at it.

Tomorrow, SBC gets shitcanned, for DSL, and I’ll start thinking about VoIP…

5 thoughts on “Comcast 1, SBC 0”

  1. Sorry, but now I’m giggling at the thought of you watching MTV reality shows.

    Glad to hear that your broadband is up and working. I have to call them out here but dread it. I think we need a new cablemodem and new cable boxes too, ours are years old and the service is starting to be spotty.

  2. You know, as reality shows go, the Real World/Road Rules challenges are close to the best. Those two shows are hopelessly moribund, Real World the more so, but since I’ve been watching them for so damned long, I know all the characters. The challenge shows almost like some sort of marvel comics war of the superheros special issue or something, where it’s outside the universe but it shows you what it’d be like.

    Honestly, I started watching them because a friend’s brother was a producer, but back then before Survivor, it was still a pretty fresh concept. Hard to turn off…

  3. I concur on Vonage; but at the same time, I’ve been looking at Lingo and it actually looks cheaper for more features.

    As noted in the prior post, the networking aspect can be occaisonally problematic.

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