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There’s that skull ring that started me on the quest for a skull ring. The Clapton Skull ring. [ edit ] – I’ve removed the link to the site (serious silver) because they’re criminals and crooks and will steal your money, do NOT order from them [ / edit ] I talked to the makers […]

There’s that skull ring that started me on the quest for a skull ring. The Clapton Skull ring.

[ edit ] – I’ve removed the link to the site (serious silver) because they’re criminals and crooks and will steal your money, do NOT order from them [ / edit ]

I talked to the makers a while back and they said they were out of business, or not taking orders, or something. I forget what. I was bummed.

So then I went on that obsessive hunt for a skull ring. Which lead me to this spectacular piece by Tony Creed, as well as a lot of other rings I want eventually.

But I was still bummed. That Clapton ring was pretty special — it looked like an actual skull, which was really unique. Maybe not as rock n’ roll as the rings from CrazyPig, sure, not as arty as the 8-ball skull (FateBall, I think they called it), and nowhere near the raw energy and nuttiness of Tony Creed.

And then, what do you know, I get mail from Lionrhod at Serious(asshole), and they’re not out of business at all. They had some sort of production or other business problems, I never got the details, but they’re taking orders again.

So I put my money down.

Now, they were not quick. It took about three weeks longer than I expected; I think they’re still having some trouble with production. But I got my ring tonight, and damn, is it pretty.

Clapton Skull-1

Now, it’s not my Tony Creed ring. I mean, Elvis Lives, baby. That’s made special, just for me. No ring will replace it. I can’t even say I’ll wear this one every day, it’s really heavy. But I’m pretty fucking pleased.

And I still want more. But then, I’m all about wanting more. Ask around.

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  2. Hey man, nice ring you’ve got for yourself, but what you call “Clapton’s Ring” and the one you saw Eric wear all the times was actually made by Travis Walker ( The one you got, sorry, was just made to look like the real thing. Now, I personally know Tony Creed and yes, he’s a great guy and a very talented designer. The Riffman skull ring you’ve got from him is very cool and a true piece of art. All TC’s rings are hand made in order. I have one in my personal collection just like that I bought from TC a while ago + few other rings and the bracelets.
    Travis Walker and Tony Creed are great designers no doubt about that, however if you really want to know who’s the BEST OF THE BEST, you’ve got to check out jewelry and accessories made by greatest master silversmith of all times BILL WALL and his company Bill Wall Leather. Please check out their web site or my BWL Fan site-
    I promise you won’t be sorry. What this guy does is out of simple explanation. It’s all about style, workmanship and quality. Please do yourself a favor, get one of his skull rings and I promise you will never be wanting to wear anything made by anybody else.

    Best, Slava (

  3. Slava, first, if you can find a picture of Clapton in that Travis Walker ring, I’d love to see it. I’ve been trying to find one.

    The SeriousSilver ring I have doesn’t claim to be Eric’s, but to be ‘inspired by‘; and it’s a stunning piece all by itself, for one reason; it looks like a real skull. The failing of 99% of the rings out there is that they try to enhance the scariness of the skull, and most of the time, they just wind up looking stupid. This ring stands out by looking real.

    Of the not-so-real skulls, true artistic taste is a great rarity. Some of Tony Creed‘s stuff has it, some doesn’t. Some of the CrazyPig stuff has it, some doesn’t. Most of Travis Walker’s stuff, that I’ve seen, is ugly and crude without being particularly interesting (Where Creed’s stuff, while it has a rough and primitive look, is very creative). There is some good jewelry there, but not a lot of it.

    From what little I’ve seen on Bill Wall’s site, he’s got a lot more artistry than Walker, but he still suffers from that ‘Make the skull scary‘ thing. Skulls are one of the most inherently perfect things in the world, from an artistic viewpoint, so when you’re going to exaggerate them, you have to do it with great care and taste (as with CrazyPig). Bill’s non-skull jewelry is all great, and his skulls are ok, but what I wanna see is more effort to make it look like a skull and less effort to make it look like a rubber skull mask. That’s what I was looking for when I found the Clapton Skull and there’s simply NO BETTER RING out there than this, as far as looking real goes.

    I tell ya though, this one? Want it Want it.

  4. There’s a picture of Clapton wearing TW skull ring right on TW web site Just browse thru, you’ll see it. You also can find it on the front cover of recent Mojo Classic magazine collector’s edition, but hurry up it’s gonna be out next week.
    See, I’m in opposite to you don’t like “real-looking” skull rings. I’m more into funky-looking, almost unrealistic ones just like Bill Wall or Travis do. But hey, it’s all matter of personal taste and chose. Oh, sorry I forgot, TC’s skulls are great too and not for nothing he customize them to every customer’s taste, just like he did with your ring writing “Elvis Lives” on it. That’s cool bro. Bill’s Good Luck skulls are classic and totally cool. Those pictures on BWL official web site suck and you really can’t judge Bill’s work from them. Check out some of pictures of BWL custom skulls I have on my web site. It’ll take your breath away. Damn, you almost made me cry… How could you… I know you just 5 minutes… please don’t say they are just “OK”!!! They are INCREDIBLE like everything Bill does.
    Don’t know much about Crazy Pig, they are too far and as you said earlier don’t sell online, so screw them.

    Later, Slava

  5. “Elvis Lives”. So do I. I Make EVERY single ring I sell. I made Karl one because he has the coolest name west of the rockies.
    Each one is a little different. I am not a “Cookie Cutter” jeweler.
    Slava quit searching my name on the internet so you can hype Bills stuff.

  6. HI Karl
    I hope you have better luck “gathering” your funds than I do bro!
    Fast as it come in, I find something to spend on on!!!! I had a pocket FULL monday. I thought I better stick this chit in the bank. It’s friday. Never made it to the bank and can’t even remember what I spent it on! (But, I think I had FUN!)

    Life’s Short. ENJOY IT!!

    Rock out


  7. hey i dont know you but you sound hot you should add me to your msn messemger and we can talk and get to know eather or some thing a/s/l tell me on msn ok bye peace:} lacey:}

  8. Lacey, I just learned to send an email last year. I have moved up to two finger typing but doubt I could figure out MSN messenger.

    There’s a “contact” link on my website. You probably won’t believe this but I’m single.

  9. Can anyone please tell me if anyone knows,who made the scull ring that Indian Larry the chopper builder wears,on the front cover of his book.
    His book is called Indian Larry Chopper Shaman. Thank You.

  10. ok for the clapton skull ring u want a travis walker ring. His company is double cross jewelry company. They also do niki sixx of motleys stuff. do search on google for travis walker and u will find him and he has shops in california.

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