Casket of Silver

WIth great delight, I received a package last week my from friends Mark and Stephen at Deadringer, NZ.

This is the first time I’ve gotten the full treatment – the custom carved casket.

Mark asked me what I wanted carved in the casket. Just have fun with it, I said. Do whatever you feel inspired to do.

Below is what they came up with, and I could not have been more delighted.

I wish I’d taken pictures of the whole thing as I opened it; the process is so dramatic that it would have made an amazing slide show. The casket is bolted closed with tiny brass screws, and comes with a tiny screw driver. Here, though, is the lid.



…and what was inside after I removed the screws.

IMG_8816.JPG IMG_8796.JPG


The necklace is a thing of beauty. Later I’ll have Barb model it for me; it fits beautifully. It’s truly elegant. I love women’s jewelry that retails the edge, the biker-gothic-rock-n-roll feel, and yet is still beautifully feminine. This is s necklace that requires a lovely feminine neck to display to full effect.

The ring is Deadringer Minima Classic, modified to my request with a 13/spade design (you know how much I’m a sucker for spades). It’s sized as a pinky ring, and fits, as always, absolutely perfectly. I’ve never work a pinky ring for daily wear; this ring is so comfortable I just might manage it.

The thing that sets these guys apart from anyone else in the business is both the incredible detail, and the creativity; the photos below show both.

Below the cut, you’ll find a couple more shots; these two are the rings beside my Classic, and my Yorrick, for size reference. This shows the scale side by side, and on the hand

For all shots, click to embiggen.



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  1. I love that coffin. It’s incredible- I’ve never seen anything like it. The pinky ring looks amazing. The spade makes it so perfect for you. Very, very cool.

    (BTW- search engine was broken yesterday.)

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