4 thoughts on “Bruce Potts”

  1. Yeah, I saw him yesterday on BoingBoing. Would have emailed you the link, but I figured you already read BoingBoing. 😉

    He is, definitely, *awesome*. What I would have given to have a teacher that cool in any grade! And man but his colours have stayed true (that red!!!), never mind the fact that his are probably *the most* colourful face and head tattoos I have ever seen (as far as range of colours go). Way too cool and so damn inspiring…

  2. I knew Bruce Potts during his teaching years. In addition to being a nice guy, he is a talented artist and singer. I own 2 of his paintings, one of tropical birds, and the other of a desert landscape. He once sang a beautiful and memorable rendition of the national anthem at a school event.

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