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Not at all a bad fantasy novel, though for some reason it’s taken me montsh to finish it.4) What are the 5 books that have meant a lot to me?I can’t do just five. Mystic Pig – Richard KatrovasLord of the Rings – JRRTLast Call – Tim PowersWizard of Earthsea – LeGuinTarzan of the Apes – ERBGate of Ivrel – CJ CherryhChump Change – Dan FanteBooked to Die – John DunningSarantium — Guy Gavriel Kay (Actually everything by Kay)(and a dozen more)Extra credit question, ‘What book would you wish to buy next’: Shadowmarch — Tad Williams , or the new JRR Martin, if he ever finishes the fucking thing…TAG!

A game. I don’t know where it started. I got it from WhirlBrain.

1) What is the total number of books I’ve owned?

I’ll be fucked if I know. I own hundreds now. I’m out of room. I give some away every month when I run out of room. More than a hundred, less than a million.

2) What is the last book I bought?

‘My Life and Hard Times’, James Thurber. I’ve owned several copies, this one’s for a friend.

For myself — hmmm — Let’s count my pre-order of the new Harry Potter, or the last John Dunning.

3) What is the last book I’ve read?

Jereg, by Steven Brust. Not at all a bad fantasy novel, though for some reason it’s taken me months to finish it.

4) What are the 5 books that have meant a lot to me?

I can’t do just five.

Mystic Pig – Richard Katrovas

Lord of the Rings – JRRT

Last Call – Tim Powers

Wizard of Earthsea – LeGuin

Tarzan of the Apes – ERB

Gate of Ivrel – CJ Cherryh

Chump Change – Dan Fante

Booked to Die – John Dunning

Sarantium — Guy Gavriel Kay (Actually everything by Kay)

(and a dozen more)

Extra credit question, ‘What book would you wish to buy next’: Shadowmarch — Tad Williams , or the new JRR Martin, if he ever finishes the fucking thing…

TAG! You’re it!

Brother Ray
My beloved Doxy
Gregggggg with too many gees.
Buck Daruma, who isn’t named Buck
and how about Trance just to see if she’s paying attention.

13 thoughts on “Book Tag!”

  1. OKay, I’ll Bite.

    (1) Total Number of Books: Quick head count of the survivors in here times about five equals about two thousand at a conservative estimate.

    (2) last book I bought: It was Two books, actually. I got Zen Questions by Robert Allen and Transmetropolitan Vol. 2: Lust for Life by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson. I would have bought way more if my meagre funds had alloed me to do so (see Extra Credit, below)

    (3) last book I read: I’m still reading both the above books repeatedly, as well as the story of O and two books on mindfullness that Rachel Left here, Algebraic Topology by Allen Hatcher, and the light of day by Graham swift, whenever I’m in Chapters, which is so good I might want to buy it. Oh, and I’m supposed to be reading That Austen book with the Darcy guy, but I can’t get my head around it somehow.

    (4) five books that meant the most to me: Like Karl, I can’t possibly do it in Five. The Ghormenghast Trilogy, because fuscia Groan was my first virtual love. The Gunslinger Series by Stephen King might yet make this list – and I’ll write something substantial on that soon in my own blog. The scandal of pleasure By Wendy Stiener, On Equilibrium By John Ralston Saul, The Autobiography of Malcolm X relayed by Alex Haley were all fucking seminal, all changed my entire worldview in some way. Probably I’d have to throw in Ender’s Game By Orson Scott Card and Fires By Yourcenar as being Soul Searing, undergraduate degree affecting works as well. Tolkien and Roald Dahl probably changed the direction of my entire life as a 9 year old in Yorkshire. There are many more books that I just plain love (Kay’s and LeGuin’s among them), but each of these books actually changed who I was in a permanent way because I read them.

    Extra Credit: buy Next?
    Do not get me started. There’s a new book by Nicholson Baker out, possibly the first since vox. I want to read the New Donna Tart novel, there’s a few books by Laurell K hamilton, There’s a new Byatt Novel, There’s two books on the etymology of Language – one of them is called Spoken Here, there’s a Book called No Time by journalist Heather Menzies (how Ironic), There’s a book of compiled essays on Sex and sexuality actually waiting downtown for me, There’s a whisky tour book by Iain Banks, And I’ve been thinking for a year about Haruki Marakami. Just to whet your appetite.

  2. C’mon. Each of those change monthly…as I finish new books…by the way? Will I ever get MY favorite back?? Kiss, doesn’t really matter, just read it.

  3. Of course they change. That’s the point. Back when I was dating a librarian there were about 100 books on my card at all times and they would pile around the bed, travelogues and Hambly and Gibson and books on Edward Gorey and books on demographics and god only knows what else. None of those came even close to the list. This is a snapshot, Woman! Get with it!

    ….By the way, what is your favourite book anynow?

  4. Of COURSE I’m paying attention. Just a couple of days late, as usual…

    1) What is the total number of books I’ve owned?

    Hell. At least a couple hundred. I have no idea, exactly. I would have millions if I had the money and space.

    2) What is the last book I bought?

    I bought my son a Lemony Snicket book and I bought myself Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake (which I highly recommend) and also Elie Wiesel’s Memiors – All Rivers Run To The Sea (very highly recommended).

    3) What is the last book I’ve read?

    The Elie Wiesel.

    4) What are the 5 books that have meant a lot to me?

    I agree with you, five is fucking impossible.

    Elie Wiesel – Night
    Anais Nin – Henry and June
    Maya Angelou – God, I think everything she’s ever written
    Marya Hornbacher – Wasted
    CS Lewis – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
    Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar (I know, how trite)
    Schindler’s List – Thomas Keneally
    The Diary of Anne Frank
    Life-Size – Jenefer Shute
    Beloved – Toni Morrison
    Caramelo – Sandra Cisneros
    Exit To Eden – Anne Rice (if you have never read this, please know it is NOTHING to do with that horrendous, ignorant, STUUUUPID fucking movie.)
    Meeting the Master – Elissa Wald

    Extra credit question, ‘What book would you wish to buy next’: There are hundreds.

  5. I was drunk when I made this post, on an absolutely wonderful Zin. I’ll have to post about THAT later. But in any case, my list now might be somewhat different.

    I read the comment from Buck, above, incorrectly as when I was a librarian, and suddenly had a mental image of Buck doing a sexy streap-tease to Marian the Librarian.

    I’d say *make it stop* only I was kind of liking it.

  6. OK, so I’m confused. I thought the idea was that the people who were tagged would post a similar list, wiht 5 “tag-ees” on their own blogs. So either I’m a putz, or Trance and Buck are fucking eveything up. Or both.

    Honestly, the latter wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

    Anywho, my list is on my OWN site…


  7. Trance and Buck just want to play blob meme without anybody knowing that they’re the type to get suckered into a blog meme.

    You and I are the ones who are playing the game right.

    And then there are the ones who don’t even bother. Like 4 out of 5 of my taggees.

    Maybe I should just go read another book.

  8. Ray’s right. You guys are playing right. But you know, I also respect playing wrong.

    Metis my dear, I should not have stopped at five. Since I care so little about the rules…

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