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I’m not gonna devote a lot of space to this, but I saw ‘Revenge of the Sith’ last night…. 1977, I went to see star wars over and over and over.

I’m not gonna devote a lot of space to this, but I saw ‘Revenge of the Sith’ last night.

Background — I’m not what you’d call a huge star wars fan. But I was when the original came out. 1977, I went to see star wars over and over and over. Best movie I’d ever seen, at the time.

But honestly, in a lot of ways I wish they’d just made the one. While the second was well done, and built the mythos, the third was weak, and as a whole, they are just not as cool as that simple first film.

So when Lucas announced he was making a new trilogy, I was vaguely excited, but fearful.

The first new film — Jar Jar. Need I say more? Technical without really looking that good, and aside from some great casting, not a good film.

I skipped ‘clones’ completely. The name was stupid, the previews were bad. I just wasn’t interested. I’ll go rent it eventually.

So when the previews for ‘sith’ looked good, I was surprised that I wanted to see it. I started to remember how much I loved the original.

I felt a sense of great nostalgia last night when I walked in, seeing kids in the front row. I remembered how I had to — had to be in the front row, or I would leave and wait for the next showing. I’ll never forget that first moment when the first ships enter the frame, like something direct from my teenage daydreams and fantasies. I’ll never forget how I felt watching the storm troopers and Vader enter the scene.

So I’m ready to cut ‘sith’ a lot of slack.

Executive Summary — I enjoyed the hell out of it, and if you don’t think hard, it’s not a bad film.

Good things — no Jar Jar, at least no speaking Jar Jar. No Ewoks. Natalie Portman is still a hottie. Hayden Christiansen isn’t a horrible actor. Ewen MacGregor odes a pretty damned good Alec Guiness. The lizard Obi-Wan rides (which I’m thinking of as a ‘Tharlarion’, and if you get the reference you’re a geek) rocks.The fights are great. General Grevious is too fucking cool. The film, for something completely digital, looks pretty lifelike.

Bad things — the script. Come on Lucas, you’re not a dialog writer. A little Yoda goes a long way, and this film has a lot of Yoda. Natalie Portman can’t act. The spaceship battles really don’t look that good for all the technology. Evidently, start travel is now instantaneous, time/distance is not a factor. The whole plot is made of spit and bailing wire.

Basically, it’s candy. You have to strap in and hang on and not look too close, but it’s an enjoyable film, and it exceeded my expectations.

But you know, I want to go back and watch the original now.

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  1. I felt the same way about the previous movies in the same way you did. I skipped the 2nd prequel as well for fear of Jar Jar (WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?)

    I’m waiting for Sith to come to the cheap movies because, well, I’m cheap. And because I’m not really that excited to see it. However, I’ve heard once again that the battles are cool.


  2. Stil haven’t gotten a chance to catch RotS — sometime this week, probably. You’ve missed absolutely nothing by skipping Attack — after the disaapointment of Menace, and with all the awful reviews, I waited for the DVD, and it was still dreadful. Dull and ridiculously over-plotted, with dialogue that would make the most shameless Hallmark card hack writer cringe.

    It sure looked pretty, though — I wound up turning down the sound, putting on some really good classical, and flipping through a magazine for the second half of the flick. It makes lovely wallpaper for your television.


  3. Very much feel for you bro. I left the movie theater after watching Sith spitting saliva out and cursing everyone who was involve in making this part of sequence. They crucified what we used to love and enjoy about this movie. Clear example of money-making process ones again. Hey who to blame, as long as you and I pays, why not. Computer graphics were good, otherwise crap. Looked like they were straggling a lot over what else to stick in there… On my way out of the movie theater I have actually heard like one of the movie fans say “damn it, they f****g killed it, I can’t watch it again… I wish they haven’t made it at all.”.

    Oh, I see I have infected you with “BWL” virus. Please don’t worry, it’s chronicle and won’t go away. Ones you get it, there’s no cure, you’ll see… Get one piece and you’d want another one and another one and so on and so forth…hahahaah It’s all good bro, you’ll love it.

    Take it easy.


  4. too bad you can’t really go back and see the originals, unless you have elderly videotapes. He changed them! Killed them!

  5. Nope, sorry, I liked it too. Hang the shitty dialogue, it was very pretty and you’re right, I’ve seen worse acting than Hayden Christensen’s (Natalie, though a hottie even when pregnant, sucked Bantha balls). Ewan rocked. The word “younglings” sucked (for fuck’s sake, just say *children*, George…) The transformation scene…made me very emotional; it really drove home the idea that Vader was ‘built’ on all levels of pain.

    I really feel I should understand your “Tharlarion” reference.

  6. which I’m thinking of as a ‘Tharlarion’, and if you get the reference you’re a geek

    aaaaagh, I thought I would never hear about Gor again after leaving graphical communities. 😀 For a while I thought they would invade every 3d online community around. Well, I haven’t dared join Second Life (although a friend of mine has TRIED her best to get me in there), they may well be there too. lol.

    /end rant

    But hey, I liked those cheesy Boris Vallejo covers a lot :> (does this mean I am a geek?!)

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