3/5 of a fistful

I’ve been meaning to post about this since thursday – when it was going to be a sorry excuse for a half-nekkid-thursday post. Only I wound up not having time to even fuckin’ think the last couple days. It was then only an after-thought, since I wasn’t really feelin’ half-nekkid so much on thursday. In […]

I’ve been meaning to post about this since thursday – when it was going to be a sorry excuse for a half-nekkid-thursday post. Only I wound up not having time to even fuckin’ think the last couple days. It was then only an after-thought, since I wasn’t really feelin’ half-nekkid so much on thursday.

In any case, I was gonna post this on thursday because that’s the day I got a fed-ex shipment with this simply amazing DeadRingers Classic Skull Ring:


I take back everything I said about these guys being over-priced. I was comparing their rings to Serious Silver, which isn’t fair on several fronts. But mostly it’s not fair beceause this is an entiely different level of artistry in jewlry-making.

I like the ring I got from SS. No complaints there, not at all, even though I’ve taken them off my blogroll because they’re turning out to be unriliable as business-people. But the ring itself, for the price, was a great buy. But it’s a cast ring, a basic, every one the same kind of deal.

This ring however – the pictures don’t do it justice. They show the design, but they don’t show the incredibly quality of workmanship, the detail. They don’t show the love and brilliance that went into this thing.

This ring is stunninng, simply stunning. I showed it to a couple of amateur jewelers I know and the work impressed the hell out of them. I look at this ring on my hand and I can’t stop staring at it; it’s that good. Mark, Steve, thank you. Steve, you’re really, truly an artist. Fantastic work.

Words fail me on it. Look at the pictures.

This things’ big. You can see in the picture below that it dwarfs even the SS Ring next to it, which is a big, big ring.

I chose the ‘shadow finish’ that DeadRingers are now offering; as far as I know this is the first classic skull they’ve done in this finish. It looks great this way, though it will be interesting to see how it weathers; it’s sterling, so it should polish with wear until it takes on a burnished look, and then eventually goes shiny. Already the points (nose and chin) are taking on a bit of shine. I’ll post pictures in a month or two or sex to compare to how it was fresh from the box in these pictures.

Anyway, enough words. Here are images. Look close and you get a bonus scar on the index finger knuckle. That’s where I hacked into my hand last summer while sharpening a favorite knife. There was a whole lotta blood considering how little that scar looks now, baby.

As usual, click for a bigger image.

The packaging. Note it comes with it’s own screwdriver. Classy.

Box Screwdriver

Here’s the ring. I can’t even put it on yet, it’s so cool.


Here it is upside-down, just for display.

Upside Down

On the fist. Sepia because I think it looks cool that way.

Sepia Fist

3/5 of a fistful. I don’t wear ’em like this but damn, it looks cool. Now what do I get for the pinky?

Three Fifths

17 thoughts on “3/5 of a fistful”

  1. wow. Serious wow, serious pretty. And your ship time was really reasonable. Gorgeous.
    for the pinky, with that arrangement of skulls, i’d do a band of small skulls.

  2. Sweet, awesome and terrific. Can’t wait for mine to arrive. Looks (in a good way, I hasten to add) like something the sight of which would be followed, a bit later in the scene, by the wearer, say, reaching for a book on a high shelf or to accept a glass of glowing cordial, and…

    “The robe’s fuligin sleeve fell back, discovering Ripheus Chapel’s silvery-pale wrist and forearm, and Harry flinched. The Dark Mark! Chapel was a Death Eater! Harry looked away, pretending to examine the shelves of ancient books breathing dust and tiny insects, thinking furiously that Achates and Aeneas Ailill must have known, and must have sent him to Chapel to scare him off his questions.

    “Or … did they want him to scare Chapel? Harry slipped his hand into his robe, where his fingers stretched easily toward the grip of the Desert Eagle in his shoulder holster….”

    Sorry, got my wires crossed there at the end. The point stands, though.

  3. Rass, you’re right, it’s got a real dark mark feel to it. And I’m down with the Desert Eagle. It solves problems a wand might not.

    Hiromi, bite me. Please. I’m more about hello satan.

    Chelse, you’ll have to find out about that for your own self. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

    Deb, I like the red gem eyes, but not in this skull. That works better in a Tony Creed like <a href="
    http://www.tonycreed.com/images/new/RIffmanSkullRIng04.jpg“ target=”blank_”>this one. The DeadRInger is too perfect as is for that sort of poetic license.

  4. Glad to see the appreciation you shower upon your dead ringer, Steve and Mark do an awesome job huh! Its one of those things that until you hold it you cant fathom the craftsmanship or the seriousness steve puts into his pieces, gotta hold it in your hand. Now ya just need to get the rest in the series and upgrade the ole ring box to the coffin style!!! Guess those hobbits found their way fairly quick too 🙂

  5. Gregg. Dude. ‘Lesser of two evils?‘ [groans]

    C, you should see ’em in action. Or not so much see as, well, feel.

    Whirly, manicurists day off, or we’d have a fresh coat of black nail polish.

    AAG, the green in the eye sockets seems to be an artifact of the flash, it doesn’t look that that in real life. And if I had a collar on it would say “master” or “daddy”, but I’m more about puttin’ the collar on someone else. There are also sometimes brands involved.

  6. How did you come up with your conclusion of Serious Silver (or at least recently)? I’ve been trying to get info with my order with them. Deadringer is probably a bit out of my $$$ range at the moment.

    My other “search” for rings include finding an onyx (oval) white gold/silver ring or perhaps a maelstrom themed onyx ring.

  7. Hey Karl,

    That DR Classic has got to be THE BEST rendition yet. I remember having a little plastic skull ring that I got out of the dentist’s “prize box” sometime around 1962 when I was about 5 years old, my prized possession at the time. Lost it down inside a block wall when we still lived in sunny and/or smoggy East L.A. and still remember it looking very much like the Dead Ringer piece. Talk about extremes….. from plastic then to looking at one in 18K gold now. I guess losing that little plastic skull back then has always left a “skull void” in my life that still needs filling. Or maybe I just have a void in my skull for even thinking of spending that kind of money on a damn ring…… Mark has been great at answering all of my questions though, and walking me through the process of making this thing as “perfect” as a skull ring can get.

    Your drooling problem seems to be contageous, just thinking about wearing that 75 grams of 18K in such an awsome form.


  8. kick ass!i’m going to PENLAND SCHOOL OF CRAFTS after the holidays to learn casting,UNCLE JOE’S custom skulls is up and coming mother fuckers-stand by. from WILMINGTON N.C.from the bulkhead of the CAPE FEAR river.BLACK BEARD LIVES!! love-UNCLE JOE

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