Skull Me!


Don’t you hate when you find exactly what you’ve been looking for and you can’t have it?

No, dear, I’m not talking about you. I could be though.

I’ve been looking for a really cool skull ring. I have big hands and I need a substantial ring; I hate stuff that’s made to look scary, or monstery. I hate the ‘vampire skull’ stuff, the alien skulls.

I want something that’s heavy, silver, artistically designed, and looks like a real skull.

This fucking thing was perfect. Based on an actual ring Clapton has, or had, it was the right look, the right sort of size and weight, and reasonably priced.

And the damned company went out of business. Without taking down their web site. Fuckers.

So I’m back to shopping. If anyone’s seen a ring like that (realistic skull, now, not stupid GWAR shit), get me a pointer to it, or if you know a jeweler who could copy that ring from a picture (I know, but they went out of business, it seems fair…), send me a name.

Damn. I’m peeved. That was gonna be my xmas present.

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  1. I am trying to find information on a large gold ring that has 3 skulls on it with diamonds for eyes. The middle skull is larger than the 2 smaller skulls on either side. Any idea where I might look?

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