Season’s Pornographic Greetings, and Maybe a Job

So I turn out a Bad Santa story and next thing I know, everyone’s doing it.

No, you have to wait. But the one I saw a draft of today (by one of my blog-buddies) pretty much smoked mine.

      [EDIT] – that story’s up.

Bringing Down Santa

    . And it kicks serious ass. It’s funny as hell.

Funny where inspiration strikes. If you go read Man With The Bag, by the way, let me know. If you like it, or even if you hate it, let me know.

But I’m figuring I’m on a roll and should start writing something else. I don’t know what. I don’t know if it’s going to be erotica (for which I’m already getting more requests – I love you ladies), or if it’s going to be more mainstream, or if I’m done for the year. Hell if I know. It’s that fickle muse problem.

In other news, I’m trying to decide if I should switch jobs at work.

I’m not a specialist type; I’ve have a long series of “whoa, how’d I wind up here” jobs. I’ve been all over the map in high tech, from a warehouse goon to shipping and receiving to database manager to test tech to various types of support to sysadmin to release engineer to (now) hardware engineering tools guy. A lot of it just stumble-and-fall-into-it job choices.

Currently my organization is looking for someone to pilot a new CMS (Content Management System); work with a vendor to spec and develop a site, then handle the support when the site is finished, possibly managing a small team later if needed. It’s a sort of a jag away from what I’ve been doing the last four years, but on the other hand, it’s what I’m interested in right now (Blog software is a lightweight CMS system).

So I’m torn. What I do now is pretty well understood. My time is my own, my schedule is my own, I can get it done from wherever but still can take time to keep myself sane. But I’m bored. A new position in the same organization is an easy transition; I would report to a different manager, but a well known one, and that’s under a director I’ve known for more than 15 years. But it would mean scrambling to learn a new job, working harder and possibly some changes in my schedule and routine. That could be disruptive. I’m comfortable in my routine.

So I dunno.

On the flip side, I’m not a web site designer. So if that’s really what they want, it’s a no-op and I don’t need to think about this anymore.

I talk to Jeff, my director, about this next week (and if you don’t know Jeff, picture the drug dealer from season 1 of Nip/Tuck, only with more tattoos). I haven’t actually applied for this yet, but the hiring manager and I have talked, and while she says I’m not a fit if I walk off the street, she knows I have the chops to make it happen (It’s not fucking rocket science, it’s about people and communication skills).

One of those useful things, now and then, even if you don’t take a new job. Review where you are and evaluate how well it’s working for you.

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