new favorite artist – Christoph Mueller

Last June I picked up an amazing t-shirt after following a link from Boing Boing.

Cigar Box Nation

Not so much because I’m into cigar box guitars (sure, i love ’em, but i don’t play well enough to need to own one), but because the design blew me away. It’s my of my favorite t-shirts.

My friend Cuddy asked me where to get the shirt (because he *is* into cigar box guitars. Alas, Cigar Box Nation doesn’t seem to have them anymore.

However, in digging up the original link, I found Christoph Mueller‘s site (the guy who designed the shirt, above).

If ever there was an artist who shares my aesthetic, it’s this guy. He’s simply amazing.

Check out his galleries. It’s all fabulous; his portraits of R Crumb and Bukowski alone are things I’d kill to own. His drawings of muscle cars, his logo designs, his crumb-esq women; they’re all just amazing.

The thing that made me compleyely love him, though, is his playing card designs.

You can’t buy these; they’re a concept he hasn’t actually done yet. If they were for sale I’d have them already, i don’t care what the cost.

He gave me permission to share a couple samples; the ace-of-spades designs, and my personal favorite, ‘lost at sea’.

These are beyond fabulous, and I must have them.


Aces of Spades

Lost At Sea Ace

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