Hello Kitty, Hello Dave

You know, really, I hate the whole hello kitty thing. I just don’t get how it became some sort of pop icon.

And yet – for some reason I don’t understand – I love this Fender Hello Kitty Guitar.

Maybe it’s just the image from the web site:

Picture 1
I dunno. But someone I find the whole idea utterly charming. And not only do I want to buy this guitar for several female friends, I also [shudder] want one of my own.

Ken? Ken? You need one also. When you sell that Selmar horn, think pink kitty.

But it’s not just me. Even my man Dave Navarro has to have one:

Mmm. Pink Kitty.

4 thoughts on “Hello Kitty, Hello Dave”

  1. Curmudgeon. How can anyone not love Hello Kitty? 🙁 I was a kid in Okinawa when Hello Kitty first came out, so I have lots of HK gear. I *still* love cute.

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